Kinky Set

The kinkiest part of this set? Made with acrylic yarn…ugh. Sure, it makes it more wash & wear but acrylic has a way of sucking the sexy right out of anything but blankets and rugs.

And, by the way, the designer claims that the mask hides your identity…great, but what about the poor girl being flogged?

All yours for the low low price of $30!


  1. aunt mary says:

    i shure hope this is a helloween costume.

    i serioiusly doubt that they have the function they were designed for. as far as i know cotton rope is used to prevent something like rugburnes. (acrylic can′t do that) and the rest is normaly made of leather. leather has more weight so it swoshes better.

    seriously the only kiny application i can see to this is to humiliate the wearer.

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