Abstract & Anatomical

Two rather big words to live up to but if you think you do, hey, you can put a price tag of $3,000 on your creations! Sure, I know, these don’t look crocheted but the artist says the foundation of them are crocheted so that’s enough for this blog.

And this last picture? I had to add it only because the artist doesn’t say it but come on, don’t they look a little penile in shape? And these ones are “only” $2,400! Definitely a steal to display on your bookshelf so they can collect dust.

Thanks to one of our eagle-eyed readers for submitting this one! We love it when you help us out with links like these. 


  1. Gaaack says:

    I’m not sure in what design aesthetic,
    those would actually enhance the decor.

    And they’re too expensive to be gag gifts among frat boys.

    • Gaaack says:

      However, I like the “sexual” ones better than the moth-eaten-looking ones.
      I don’t see the charm of depicting decay in yarn.

      And can you just imagine how those would gather dust?

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