Putting the butt in boy shorts…

OMG! No. Just simply no. Words fail me on this one. The description says:

These specific shorts are ready to be shipped. Custom orders take about 3 days.

Is it just me or is she naked under these shorts? She’s seriously going to ship you THESE shorts this “model” is wearing? The one photo of the “model” rolling her eyes into the back of her head…not touching that one other than to say why is she laying in a bed?

  • spacedout
  • spacedout2
  • spacedout3

Excuse me while I go and find the eye bleach and disinfectant.


  1. Gaaack says:

    It looks to me (in the last one) like she’s wearing nylons underneath.
    Don’t know how much that helps…

    those guys that foam at the mouth over the Victoria’s Secret catalog,
    would just love this kinda thing.

    I wonder if they’ve discovered Etsy yet?

  2. RC says:

    Really??? i think some of you are just jealous you don’t look that good! Please explain how crochet shorts are so gross that you need “eye bleach”…jealous much?!

  3. Hatchet says:

    My only thought is that those specific shorts may or may not be purchased by the same kind of people that buy used underwear… who knows?

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