Is that a squid on your head?

I went searching for man crochet…just to see what would come up and this is definitely not what I was expecting to find. This must be the squid mate to our gravatar image

  • Squid
  • Squid2
  • Squid3
  • Squid4

And for $119.50, here’s what you get:

The design of this critter came from blending characteristics from both an octopus and giant squid. It has 8 curly tentacles, with the 2 in the front ending in domed clubs. Lining the tentacles are small crocheted suckers, each of which are carefully sewn on individually.The hood is specially shaped to have that peaked top like a squid with crocheted eyes sewn on the sides. Crocheted from a soft and sturdy worsted acrylic yarn, so even though you’re wearing an animal, you’re not wearing a real animal! A happy bonus to all the vegans out there!


  1. Erin says:

    I honestly like it. :P I don’t think I would be wearing it though. Definitely better than the scary lady with the squid head. LOL

    Another great find!!!


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