Itty bitty indeed…

It’s so itty bitty it won’t even cover your bits not even a little bit and it’s sold as a bikini for public wear. Thankfully it’s modeled on a mannequin or we’d need the eye bleach again.

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    • Artsieaspie says:

      I wandered in from the RSS feed to ask exactly that… either that mannequin’s the same front and back, or maybe it’s just a shell, and has no back? At first I thought the ‘back’ view was a second bikini for the very, um, body-confident gal.

  1. Gaaack says:

    Any woman who’d wear that on a public beach
    would probably get the professional help she needs and pretty quickly at that.

    …And I’m totally enjoying the mental image of that one on a (very) drunken frat dude.

  2. Kim says:

    This would be fine as lingerie. I just don’t know which beach you’d wear this at… you’d be underdressed for most beaches but overdressed for a nude beach.

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