Nose warmers…

I gotta say these are kind of quirky and silly though aren’t they? If you’re adventurous I’m sure you’d have fun wearing one of these…the facial expressions are priceless especially the dude in the orange colored one.

  • nosewarmer
  • nosewarmer2
  • nosewarmer3
  • nosewarmer4
  • nosewarmer5
  • nosewarmer6


  1. Foothill Fibers N' Photo says:

    I think this is a classic case of “Crocheter Bias”…believing that just because you crocheted it…it’s worthy for sale or to keep in one piece :)

  2. green fish says:

    Okay, I’m crazy but I need to make one like the bottom left picture. Anyone have a link to a pattern? A bonus pattern of crochet kitten ears would be totally boss as well! Thx!

  3. zack says:

    My sister and her dorm mates at the University of Illinois in Urbana crocheted “snoot boots” in 1958 and sold them for Christmas presents / stocking stuffers. The item got mentioned in the Chicago Tribune and the ladies in the dormitory (dorms were segregated by sex then) couldn’t keep up with the demand. Orders came from all over the country and they sold over 2 thousand of them, for $5 each. Everything old is new again.

  4. Trippet says:

    Silly as they look, I totally would have worn one yesterday as I walked my daughter to school! By poor widdle node wad frodend.

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