Dress up as a Tribble…

…embellished with crochet trim! If you’ve forgotten what a Tribble is, I’ve included Star Trek photos to remind you. Even Captain Kirk would approve or would he? This coat will set you back $3,499 but the fashion statement you’ll make as a Tribble – priceless.

  • tribble1
  • tribble2
  • tribbles
  • tribbles1
  • tribbles2
  • tribbles3


  1. Gaaack says:

    Umm, is that coat supposed to make you look like a flying squirrel?
    Not sure that there’s a big market for that…
    (And I love the tribble pics)

  2. Karen (MirabilisFashions) says:

    I’m having a 6th grade flashback to “Trouble with Tribbles”. I always wanted my own tribble but not to wear on my back. The crocheted part is the only non-horrible thing about it. It looks like a dirty bathmat.

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