For those intimate occasions…

Crochet lingerie in cheap acrylic yarn that will floss your butt while your lover laughs hysterically. I wasn’t sure what I found more disturbing…the crochet or the prop used to display the item. At least it wasn’t a real person wearing it or we’d definitely need the eye bleach.

This is a beautiful, sexy, one of a kind piece that is perfect for any intimate occasion.

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  1. Aline says:

    Even though this THING is being displayed on a blow-up mannequin, I still need eye bleach. What woman in her right mind would wear something that places a chain of yarn across their pink bits, and up the crack of their butt? Also, if this is bought for you, consider yourself in trouble, and I don’t mean the good kind (he he).

  2. Karen (MirabilisFashions) says:

    I hereby declare this “National Real Mannequin Appreciation Week”. I’m sending mine some flowers once the bleach wears off.

  3. Angel says:

    Is the description referring to the fashion or the mannequin as perfect for any intimate occasion? And, pass the eye bleach.

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