Caterpillar Scarf

Caterpillar Scarf

Another really good example of how not to use fun fur…complete with an example of how not to fringe a scarf…what are those anyways? Confetti on string?

I can’t help but think a caterpillar is trying to engulf her neck!

What a totally hideous way to compliment what looks like what could make a pretty nice casual look otherwise.


  1. happy spider says:

    i particularly like how the stylist has obviously said “Candi, we WERE going to get you to change into a top that clashed like buggery with the scarf but… look, it’s so goddam ugly… at least if it clashes it looks interesting”.
    All the little teens are wearing these type things at the moment and it makes me mutter homicidal things under my breath. erk.. what are they thinking of?

  2. HydraFemme says:

    My local grocery store has a wide variety of colours of this (sans fringe), so I got one in pink for my sixteen year old. Pink is her favourite colour, so she took to it immediately. Fortunately, nothing else in stock was nearly as hideous as this specimen, or she may very well have decided to leave home. . .

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