The Ocean, the dreamy…

…the rose or the wave. Your pick! None of them better than the next but hey, catchy names, right? I especially like the description for the rose…not sure about you but this definitely makes me want to wear a tube!

You’ll look as lovely as a rose when you wear this lovely tube sensation. Pink with white tie, broch and silk flower. Onesize. Very comfortable.

  • thedreamy
  • thedreamy2
  • theocean
  • theocean2
  • therose
  • therose2
  • thewave
  • thewave2


  1. Omskivar says:

    I think the Wave is kinda cute, though I wouldn’t have chosen a mesh bodice… but is it just me, or does it look like the backside shot of the Wave was taken with the mannequin facing toward the camera? Like they took the sweater off and put it on backward instead of just turning the mannequin around? I swear I see plastic boob underneath!

  2. aunt mary says:

    the yellow, i do not want to look like i got caught in the net of a fisher , when at the beach.

    the second one… please no bulls eye for my boobs. men can find something to stare at without my aide.

    the pink… a wereable purse? why would i want to look like i wear my purse?

    the black… looks like granny made something for the gothic granddaughter and failed.

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