No animal was harmed…

…in the making of these flip flops! The yarn is acrylic from Turkey and the leather of the sole is from a cow that’s already dead.

Bring out your inner hippy with these flip flops! These unique flip flops are hand made and no patterns are used so they are just as different as you are. They have a multi color flower that sits in the middle of your foot. The tops come to your ankle and straps with a wooden bead at each end wrap around your leg or you can tie them off around the ankle. The yarn is made in Turkey with acrylic. The leather is cow that had already passed before the leather was taken, so no violence was used.

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  1. Jan says:

    These might appeal to someone with a foot fetish (who’s also into bondage).
    Oh well, at least the model has nice (super clean) feet.

  2. Brandy says:

    As opposed to taking ‘leather’ from a live cow?
    And just how did the cow pass?
    Was it from natural causes, by man, or from seeing crochet such as in these flip flops?

  3. Alisea says:

    I think that the way they explain that the cow is dead doesn’t really make me think no violence was used.. maybe if they had said it was recycled/repurposed leather it’d be better.
    As for the way it looks, I think it’d be suitable for something like Shambalah or Burning Man, but not much else.

  4. Dana says:

    That would actually be on the way to gorgeous if they stopped at the ankle instead of taking it all the way up the leg. *I* don’t mind the straps going up the leg but I’d rather see them in a neutral color–or, at least, *one* color.

    I think people are getting further and further out of touch with the whole animal-eating and animal-using thing. It’s nice that they don’t want animals to be abused but I fear they’ve gotten just as wacked-out about meat-eating as the anti-abortion crowd have gotten about reproductive choice. You know, once you’re dead, nothing is going to hurt you anymore. That is kind of what “dead” means. So as far as I’m concerned, what I owe the animal at harvest-time only extends as far as minimizing its fear and killing it as quickly as possible. I mean, in theory, I’ve already provided it with food and shelter over its entire life. I am not going to die of pernicious anemia or various other deficiency diseases just so the world can be overrun with broken chicken eggs and cow poop. Sorry. I’ve seen how some of these “activists” keep house.

    P.S. All that “cruelty-free pleather” is giving people cancer in Louisiana. Wait a minute, I thought we were animals too.

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