In case you need a cape…

…to feel like a clown…this beauty is yours for $649! Free shipping of course…bonus, right?

This inspired one of a kind, free form crochet garment will have you feeling like the Queen that you are! Turquoise + peacock blues, light lime, olive and rich army greens, white and creams with a hint of pink and maroon waves and paisley. Funky yet, regal. It will pair nicely with most anything! This piece is elegant, but can be worn casually too… that part is up to YOU!

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  1. teresa says:

    if it was an afghan insted i could almost like it if i squinted a bit but of course as always the price is insane even if it was pretty. th eback makes me think of a highschool art piece i had to do one of those ones where you draw with out being able to lift you pencil off the papper or look down at what your doing

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