Cow Patty, I Mean, Cocktail Hat

Cow Patty HatSeriously, someone had the audacity to call this thing a “cocktail” hat to dress up any party outfit! I can’t help but think cow patty on her head…I mean seriously, if it were brown, wouldn’t it conjure up that image a lot more easily? And the furry halo around it doesn’t help either…classy cocktail hat? Not!! Can you imagine showing up at a really classy party wearing this and everyone looking strangely at you? I can’t quite read her expression either but it sure looks like slight disgust mixed with…

Someone please get this off my head! I know I have to pose for the photo and I’m a model and all, but seriously, I’m about to freak out…get it off my head!


  1. Leisel says:

    Ugh… you’re right. That thing’s much more suited for a masquerade party than a cocktail party. And that I cord thing coming out of the top of it… why… WHY?????

  2. Melissa says:

    I am from Texas and we play cow patty bingo out here but I would never put anything that looked like a cow turd on my head!! These designs are the reason people knit instead of crochet, they all look like some deranged grandmother got a hold of some wicked yarn and a bottle of Jack.

  3. Mary says:

    Wait…that’s for *after* the cocktail party. It’s one of those bag thingie you put the ice in when you are trying to alleviate the hangover!

  4. HydraFemme says:

    I’ve been to You Knit What? and they mentioned you guys, so that’s why I’m posting here now, too. As for Cow Patty Patty, I’m for giving her the benefit of the doubt—the ONLY way she’d wear that is if she was ALREADY sloshed to the gills. . .

  5. Mum says:

    it would take a few “cocktails” ( JD and coke) to get me to make that… and a few more to wear it. It looks like she had blue hair and some one noogie’d her real good… ;0)

  6. Linda says:

    Oh my God! That reminds me of when I was a new military recruit. Our brand new berets were not yet “seasoned” and shaped into a comfortably stylish tilt. The French-Canadian instructors were always yelling, “Fix your beret! You look like you ‘ave pizza on your ‘ead!

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