1. Diane says:

    I disagree! The Mermaid Scales bikini top is great for a lady with a larger bosom! I have made several of these for my friends who absolutely love how it supports them and covers them! Now I must say that the last bikini with the nipples on display is rather silly and I would never make that!

  2. Alkymia says:

    I quite like them (not the last one). The first looks a little too open for my taste, I’d use some lining to cover at least the bottom half of the cups. The others are nice, I like them. No nipples, (which is rare when it comes to crochet bras and bikini tops)

  3. aunt mary says:

    this is like pornography for lesbian senior citizens. revealing crochet… oh my… and no, i do not get why anyone would crochet nipples ONTO a bikini top. i thought they are worn to hide them and provide a small degree of denceny.

  4. Kary says:

    Someone that fat, should not wear a bikini.

    I refer to the lady in the orange bikini, with her bosom nearly popping out of the top, and her belly folded over the panties.

    Oh, you have big boobies; big flippety whoop-de-doo.

    Boobs are simply overly enlarged sweat glands meant for the attracting of suitable mates, and nursing children.

    That is it!

  5. Trippet says:

    I wouldn’t trust the string in images 2-4, I’d be scared they’d pop! The top 2 pics are tasteful, but I agree that lining would be a good idea.

    I disagree with the statement that “Someone that fat, should not wear a bikini.” She can wear whatever she damned well pleases, as long as she complies with local laws. We don’t have the right to tell people what they can and cannot wear. PS: I’m skinny so any arguments based on my being insulted due to my own weight are invalid. That image is actually a good way to show the top can hold the weight. I wish I had big boobs, too, but oh well.

  6. Andrea says:

    I used to have a tri-color medium blue bikini just like the white one and it was SO cute! matching Brazilian bottoms – the guys loved ‘em.

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