Seriously? It’s just an afghan…

…and an ugly one at that. But I digress…it’s the price that caught my eye – $3,200! I applaud anyone for asking for a fair price for their work but this thing looks like it’s been dragged around in the dirt tied to the back of a pickup.

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  1. Brandy says:

    I’ve made many an afghan, and that’s not an afghan.
    That may be what’s left of an afghan after it was mauled by the washing machine and wild animals….

  2. Karen says:

    Are you sure that isn’t some sort of dead animal skin? Maybe the price is justifiable if she had to hunt it down and kill it first. I do this for a living (well, not THAT) and unless she’s paying herself $100 per hour and is a very slow crocheter she’s lost it.

  3. saph says:

    It looks like it’s made from the stuff that I have to empty from my bagless vacuum cleaner. Don’t people say that dust is mostly dead skin? And my vacuum also sucks up a lot of hair. That must be why the “afghan” is so expensive. Animal products ain’t cheap.

  4. Trippet says:

    I think the inspiration for this muppet rug came from the dog. C’mon, spill the beans – this was made by the Mad Hatter, wasn’t it?! Either that or the poor ribbons were simply assimilated as this behemoth was being birthed.

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