Uh huh…

Someone has too much time on their hands! The point of these would be? Oh, according to the designer, they do have a purpose…

These mask’s are great to where when its cold outside.

And in case you wanted to know, the dates on the 2008 photos are wrong – the photos were taken on 9/25/10 which of ┬ácourse, makes it better, right? Listed and re-listed for 2 years…can’t seem to get the hint apparently. I’m not going to touch the errors in that one simple sentence either…copied and pasted from the listing…yikes!

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  1. Alisea says:

    These are pretty horrid..
    I don’t think it would even be that useful if it were very cold because it doesn’t even cover your neck which is always the place I get really cold.
    I do think, however, that if you’re sick and you’re wearing one of those medical masks, something like this might make it a little more fun so people don’t avoid you like the plague.

  2. saph says:

    The combination of those grammatical errors and those awful face things makes me wonder if this came from a country where English isn’t the main language and scary nightmare masks are fashionable. Maybe? Please?

  3. Laura Lambie says:

    I understand the purpose of these. I have asthma and the cold air can bring on an attack, but I think I will stick with my scarf.

  4. tibs says:

    As weird as they are, they’d actually be great to wear on a scooter/motorcycle in the cold. Cowls/scarves always seem to fall down in the wind.

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