Attention: Flouncers

For those of you who feel the need to flounce, just look up in the right hand corner of your browser for the “x” button and click it. Simple. Easy. Effective. Especially when you don’t like what you’re looking at. As a reminder, this blog is written in opinion only. If you feel the need to rant and rave and launch into personal attack, again, we point you to the “x” button in the browser window – use it!


    • whatnot2crochet says:

      These last flouncers took it upon themselves to personally attack and threaten lawsuits. It was quite funny actually. It’s like, really? Crocheted penises and skimpy bikinis have you that worked up? LOL!

  1. baterista9 says:

    As a public service, here’s a definition of “flounce” as used here. (I was confused, so I looked it up.)

    “Then comes the flounce. [I like] to refer to the flounce as the “Yer all bastards!” stage of fandom, though other names may apply as needed. The flounce is accompanied with an exaggerated expression of bitter disappointment, a public refusal to discuss the matter further with the other parties, an even more public final note that one is leaving the fandom, and occasionally (though not always) the deletion/renaming of one’s Livejournal or blog. Scarlett O’Hara does not sweep off-screen as dramatically as the fan does when s/he is breaking up with a fandom.”

    • whatnot2crochet says:

      Ha ha…thank you! That made my day and sums it up…I’d update the definition to add in “threatens lawsuits” and “oh my God you infringed on MY copyright” and the all-time favorite “fuck you”…LOL

  2. Gin says:

    Hadn’t read the comments in quite a while (6 months? A year?) so when I saw all the prickly little twits getting so hot-n-bothered about some alleged copyright infringement I was disappointed. Gone was the silly, snarky repartee I so enjoyed, replaced by some humorless wet blankets. Hope the all the commenters with a sense of humor haven’t been scared off by these flamers!
    btw…I always a flounce was a too-big ruffle…like on a bedskirt to catch all the dust & dog fur or on a bad 80’s dress.

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