Now that the whiny babies have moved on, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled program and before you write to threaten copyright infringement and lawsuits, get a life! Or better yet, flounce off…always a great use of resources to sue for something that’s not worth even an hour of a lawyer’s time. Good luck with that!

So many crochet beards on Ravelry…just a wee sampling of them! Some of them scarier than others but mostly just quite funny to look at and perfect for the traditional holiday coming up at the end of October!


  1. Bethany-Jade says:

    Wow! I dont suppose you have a link to the second beard in the second row? Only, it is tagged as “hackalicious gadget g…” and im pretty sure it is modeled on my friend who appeared on the show Gadget Geeks and whose catchphrase was hackalicious XD

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