How about just Shabby?

Oh yes, using the word “shabby” with “chic” definitely makes it better, yes? Ah, you guys be the judge…feast your eyes! Not responsible for spelling errors – the listing came that way!

Shabby chic creative jacket/cardigan with granny squares patchwork green crazy jacket. This is a dark green cotton blend jacket. By the inspiration of my creative spirit it was embalished with a bunch of granny squares and converted into a piece of wearable art, absolutely unique and not possible to copy.

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  1. Brandy says:

    It could have been wearable *if* the granny squares were sewn nice & neatly onto an either crocheted or knitted sweater. The way they were childishly sewn onto fleece, using a glue gun would have been an improvement.

  2. Mary says:

    “So, are you gunna weave all those ends in?”

    “Hell no, im gunna stick these suns a bitches to a blazer… bitches love blazers”

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