Warped it is…

Not sure if it’s the design, the photos, the felted piece insert, the crocheting or the price tag of $45 each that makes these slouchy hats a little warped but I suppose they are all equal offenders in the end.

Slouchy Wool Hat with a unique needle felted and wet felted picture at the back, a little different from the rest ………….

  • slouchyhat
  • slouchyhat1
  • slouchyhat2
  • slouchyhat3
  • slouchyhat4
  • slouchyhat5
  • slouchyhat6
  • slouchyhat7

One comment

  1. Adell says:

    For what they are, it looks like a good job. I’ve never liked slouchy hats myself. And I quite like the needle felted bird-on-a-branch insert, but unless you are incredibly(sp?) short no one would be able to see the picture clearly. Except for basketball players!

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