Wigs & Peekaboo…

…side boob does not give you permission to use the word “art” to charge $5,000 for your crochet piece.  And also, may I suggest using a spell checker before posting this drivel?

…and I just launched my own brand named Luckgorcian, and making the concept ( first collection and the name, business cards and get the start done) and especially those first 3 pieces took me a little over year,, and they are only one! Like my own babies .. they are mainly handmade, only sewed the back closing parts for two of them, everything else is done by my small hands and it would be my honour if u would be the first who will wear my stuff.. trust me u will feel like million bucks in it and stand out :) in your special event… and this is one of the 3 pieces I launched. The price of the dress is 5000 US dollars and only direct bank transfer or paypal is the option for paying…. (edited to remove the rambling – not worth the space on the blog)

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  1. Jessica-Jean says:

    While I would never wear such a thing, not even if I were her size and age, I can imagine others who’d love it.
    Art? Possibly, but – as always – that’s in the eye of the beholder.

    I do take umbrage with you taking pot-shots at her spelling. Can you write as well in Estonian? Somehow, I doubt it.

  2. mazell stafford says:

    This dress is not worth whay you are asking. I doubt you can get $50.00 for it. Yes it is handmade with a lot of time & thread invested but is not pretty in style or color.

  3. Alisea says:

    I don’t think that it’s really ugly, but it certainly could have benefited from a more professional photography session. I wouldn’t pay the 5000 bucks for it either, but I don’t even have that kind of money to blow on a dress I could probably make (in my size) for less.

  4. freebird7100 says:

    her lack of talent as a model blinded me to the horribleness of the outfit. I am at an artistic loss of words. :p

  5. Patricia says:

    I think u are just punch of jealous people. The pictures might not be sharp enough not to see the product itself right but i think the price is reasonble since costum made products, especially crochet, can run up to 12 000 per piece. Come up with something original yourself and then come and say. I Also think every artist have their own prices and its not for everybody. Its for people, who can afford it.


  6. Michelle Noble says:

    I think the reviews are a little harsh. A professional model and photographer would help. She looks like a cheap hooker with the wig. I would not pay that much. Lower the price to somewhere in the hundreds and you may sell it.

  7. Evely says:

    Get a fucking life guys! Jealous misurble unsuccesful people who have nothing Else to do then negative Comments over people who are actually doing something different and have their own thing going on..

  8. whatnot2crochet says:

    Oh wow, the flames are starting. Oh yes, jealous, miserable and unsuccessful is the best comeback ever! Let the flouncing begin! And why does it sound like the designer herself? LOL!

  9. Jessica says:

    That dress is God awful! It looks like it was crocheted with a ton of Red Heart yarn. And even if it was quality yarn the $5,000 price tag is laughable. It would be worth that much if the yarn was handspun cashmere or merino silk blend or something. And even then it probably wouldn’t look that great.

  10. Ashley says:

    It’s actually $2900, but that’s still pretty ridiculous. I’m sure it took a long time and a lot of yarn, but that’s really overestimating your work……

    • whatnot2crochet says:

      Yes, then it was changed to $2900 recently as it was $5000 when we visited the listing. How funny! Guess $2100 markdown makes it a better price? ;)

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