1. jadedrachenFaye says:

    The dress and arm warmers are rather cute….if it’s the acrylic you object to, then use something else…..now, I do agree about the fishnet, red fox outfit being a perfect “What not to Crochet” example.. By the way, What not to Crochet is one of my favorite places on the web, even when I see things I’ve made “featured” here!

  2. Carrie Kelly says:

    Considering 98%of clothes on the market are made from Polyester and other synthetic plastic materials, I do not know why crafters are such acrylic snobs. People have allergies and sorry but acrylic is washer friendly. That dress is great for one time use or for a child, the best option in acrylic.

    • sewsable says:

      I still buy and make many of my clothes from natural fibres, personally I prefer natural fibres because they breathe better than synthetics and they also tend to hold smells much less. I’ve noticed with workout gear that the moment it warms up to body temperature all the previous wearings can be smelled, with cotton that’s not the case at all; much more pleasant. Wool is even better for the smell side of things, but as you state some people are allergic to it. I think perhaps the term “snob” is a little strong for simply preferring natural fibres though; that applies if someone uses it because they think people will think less of them for not using it.

  3. Shyanha says:

    Depending on the yarn acrylic can be comfy. Red heart super saver would be a major ouch, lol.

    Minus the fox and fishnets (why are the stirrups under the shoes?!) this would be cute for a winter nightclubbing venture. For a gal in her 20s. Cougars, please don’t.

  4. Brandy says:

    I think the stockings are silly and the white fox tail could be improved upon but the rest of the outfits are very nicely made and quite cute. :)

  5. Mazell Stafford says:

    The dress maybe wouldn’t be so bad if it were 2 shades of one color but red & black…ugh. I might would wear the second hat in a different color also. I use a lot of acrylic but don’t think i’d want to for a dress.

  6. aunt Mary says:

    i kind of like the dress. of cause i would prefere it to not be cheap acrylic or red with black stripes. the pattern its self is salvagable though.

    the stockings are just a bad idea though.

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