It seems innocuous…

…it’s just a blanket made of what looks like Red Heart or some other cheap
acrylic yarn but what gets it on the blog is the price…are you ready?

Better be seated…scroll down…
you better take it all in before you see the price…






Not even kidding – wish I was.


  1. Flora Loobey says:

    Someone thinks a bit too highly of their skill, or they charged by the hour and are an extremely S L O W crocheter.

  2. Mazell Stafford says:

    Oh my, I’ve made blankets in all sizes for years & never even came close to asking $100.00 let alone $16,000.00

  3. mikke says:

    Given that the dollar sign probably descended from an 18th century abbreviation for “peso,” we can apply a currency calculator and find that at current rates of exchange 16,000 pesos = twelve hundred and nine doll….

    No, still too much. The PS —> $ must therefore mean something more like 16,000 POS.

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