Poncho Comeback?

If they are coming back, I’m going to go hide in the corner. There’s a reason why the model’s face is not showing in any photos…she was probably laughing hysterically or cringing through the entire photo shoots. How heavy do you think these things are?

poncho2 poncho

poncho9 poncho8 poncho7 poncho6 poncho5


  1. Shyanha says:

    While I appreciate, and am impressed by, the multitude of techniques used, I can’t get into having them all meshed together like this. We should use our crochet powers for good and this is the opposite of that.

  2. mikke says:

    Don’t think of them as ponchos. Think of them as Very Special Yarn Snowflakes.

    Then they’ll make more sense.

    I’ve seen prettier histological slides of tumors.

  3. patricia ann snyder says:

    I am all for creative and free-form crochet but some of the stuff I have seen posted is a cry for help at the local mental hospital.

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