I threw up some yarn.

And instead of throwing it in the garbage, this seller wants to give you the privilege
of buying their “rainbow of love vessel” … yes, I know you’re scratching
your head but this seller really did use those words to describe the yarn barf.

bowl4 bowl3 bowl2 bowl



  1. Kimberlee says:

    Well Freeform is not for everyone. Just for those who have some creativity and the ability to create art instead of cookie cutter crochet from patterns.

  2. Ginger Dee says:

    Who made this person judge of all things crochet? Free Form Crochet is a creative and dynamic form of expression for those who want to create/design what they feel or “see” and if someone else likes it enough to purchase it, then it is of value to at least 2 people.
    As for cookie cutter designs, those too are creations of people with a creative spirit but lack the experience or “sight” to design from scratch. So, stop demeaning other peoples pleasures…and on that note, I have better things to do!

  3. silkandsateen says:

    I don’t understand why people have to write mean comments about this piece. It is very nice, very colorful, and the artist loves it.

  4. mikke says:

    It looks like a contraceptive diaphragm reimagined by New Age cultists whose schooling was entirely Steinerian and whose diet is heavily saturated with phytohallucinogens.

    Which is to say, it doesn’t perform any useful function other than having pretty colors and being round.

    Not entirely unlike a parasitic diatom. Which by contrast has a useful function.

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