1. Patricia Snyder says:

    You have to give these crocheters an E for effort. If the person crocheting would just stop for a moment and think their item through again. I have seen a great deal of interesting crochet on this website. Slow down for a moment and look at your yarn to make sure that it is an interesting combination and that it matches your pattern. Some of you need to be a little neater and cleaner when you post your item. This is just what my mother would say to me when she was teaching me how to crochet 20 years ago.

  2. jenny says:

    Is this the new snuggie? Who needs the trappings of an old granny afghan when you can wear them. No more sharing afghans.

  3. Tharrinne says:

    Maybe they’re holding hand as a symbol of them sticking together no matter how painful it is to pose with those… euh… pj’s?

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