Why would anyone want to crochet themselves their own necklace and call it jewellery when you have such gorgeous materials out there like gold and silver to wear??? Seriously, why? This does not look nice or pretty nor does it compliment her outfit. Why I ask?? Why??? I don’t have much more to say about this as I think the picture says it all. Ugh!

And using yarn that is “gold” coloured won’t make it any better either…just look at the close-up if you’re unsure.


  1. Leisel says:

    This necklace is truly bad… you’re right about that, but I’ve seen some really pretty crocheted necklaces, so they’re not all bad. I think the difference, though, is that the good ones are trying to show off the best of crochet, while this… it looks like they were trying to make it look like real gold links, which, obviously it does not (actually, it reminds me all too much of those construction paper chains kids make at Christmas… not really a personal accessory if you’re over, say, 7). Check out these: I don’t like the color of the green one, but I do know some people who love that color, so that’s just a matter of taste. The black one could have used beads that showed up better, but the shaping of the two necklaces is very nice. A far cry from this one you posted.


    I don’t think that there is anything wrong or ugly with this necklace, If you don’t like crochet jewelry it is only a matter of taste, diversity makes the world. Why to wear gold fake jewelry if it is not real gold, people wears what they like, can afford or makes them feel good, either hemp, macrame plastic beads or crochet shells, fakes diamonds, etc, I think that the person that wears them makes a whole difference in the item. The girl in the pictures looks perfectly clasic, and I don’t need to be a fashion expert to know it.

  3. Janet says:

    I must unfortunately agree that this is not an attractive necklace. Nor is it well made. At least it does not appear so. It looks as if my daughter, who is completely inept at crochet, has created this monstrosity. But, I must also agree with Leisel that there are some truly pretty crochet necklaces and other jewelry pieces out there. As a matter of fact I have recently seen pieces that are nothing short of artwork. Far beyond my skill levels!

    It is also becoming apparent that the bead necklaces, which have gained so much popularity as of late, will now be incorporating crochete work. I’ve seen many pieces coming up in the 2006 spring line catalogs that I receive. I suggest those who can crochet well get to work on that jewelry. Fads only last so long!

  4. Maryann says:

    I crochet jewelry all the time. With *thread* and *beads* and other things you can actually use to make *jewelry.*

    Honest to God… a giant gold crochet’d pimp necklace?

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