Matching Ugly Hats

Why would you want to do this? Inflict such horror on your son? If that’s her son that is…but the assumption is there that’s for sure! The hats are so bad and then to act like you’re all in love because you have “matching” hats??!! Oh dear! What exactly IS hanging off the back of her hat anyways??

I have no problem with making matching hats because it’s your son and you love him, but come on, make him something at least slightly masculine and make something for yourself that matches nicely without strands of yarn hanging off the back like you forgot to sew in your ends!!

If the title is right that it’s hats for charity, oh my, come on again…give people something nice if you’re going to give it to them as a gift. Yikes…what do they think? Just because it’s a charity hat, people will want to wear hideous monstrosities and be all happy about it??


  1. Cathy says:

    Umm. Should I admit that right now, I’m sitting here with a copy of that magazine and yarn, intending to make the hat shown here on the boy? :) Admittedly for my daughter, and in pink, and I have no plans to make myself a non-matching one with hanging strings.

  2. HydraFemme says:

    Show me the kid who wouldn’t be mortified with THAT one, and I’ll show you someone who needs long-term, intensive psychiatric help!

  3. habsgirl says:

    Due to my mother’s addiction to soap operas and the attendant magazines, I happen to know that she SELLS the hats (or at least offers them for sale) and the money goes to charity. There’s been a big push lately suggesting them as Christmas presents. I would seriously injure anyone who gave me one of those things.

  4. Laura says:

    Yes, that’s her son who was born deaf. The proceeds from the sale of the hats benefits a charity dedicated to helping children with hearing loss. The hats are the combination of a brand-new crocheter, the craziest novelty yarn she can find, and a big fat hook. People buy them because they are thrilled to have a handmade item from a celebrity and to contribute to the good cause. The hats are meant to be silly. I admire what she’s doing, but I’d never make a hat like that myself.

  5. malena says:

    I’m living in Germany, and all the old ladies get this ugly hat. Most of the time made it is made with angora, but why they keep them with little balls for years and years???? German Miracle!
    congratulations for the site, Das ist toll!
    auf wiedersehen.

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