Furry Dog Jackets

Yikes! I thought the Doggy Martha Ponchos were bad but these ones… hmmmmm… sheesh! Why would you want to put a furry jacket on your dog? That one is beyond my comprehension!!! Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! I feel a little bad for these guys…they are not looking so happy wearing these jackets! And the one with the hood…ya, it’s a great idea to cover up your dog’s ears… after all, I’m sure they prefer muffled sounds!! I bet when the shoot was over they were pawing at these jackets trying to get them off!!


  1. irene says:

    Oh my! That’s one depressed little wookie on the left. And his pal, in the hoodie, how could you look into that expression of anquished desperation and not want to call the Humane Society right away? I am no dog lover, but really, my heart goes out to these little guys. Almost as much as it does to children who are dressed in hats with animal ears on, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

  2. HydraFemme says:

    Ya know, I could TOTALLY understand if the dogs pictured were the kind that don’t already come equipped with long fur, but most other breeds would find this painfully redundant. Not to mention cumbersome, what with potty stops and all. . .

  3. Anonymous says:

    AUGH. Those are…those are terrible. And I admit to being an individual who clothes my dog. Actually, as a side note, a hood is a good idea for my dog–but that’s only because they lose heat from their ears and are warmer when their ears are covered.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I think yall take this way to seriously. I dress my little dog all the time, Anything to keep her warm. But I do agree these dogs have enough fur to not need those hideous coats.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good morning America (or one of those morning shows), just had a vet on recently, who said it is a myth, that ALL dog’s hair keeps them warm enough. The host of the sh ow, said she had heard repeatedly from one of hte other hosts, that dog sweaters and coats were ridiculous, and wanted a final answer. WEll, the vet gave it to her, and she said Especially small dogs them. Our own heads lose an incredible amount of heat, despite all our hair. We still need to wear hats in cold weather. Considering I lived in Minnesota for awhile, and we often saw dogs shivering to the point that htey couldn’t control themselves, when owners made them run around in 10 degree weather, and snow…it was pretty obvious, that a coat wasn’t stupid.

    I’ve also asked two of my vets about this, and both said small dogs, and dogs with extremelyyyy short hair, need coats in cold weather.

    yeah, those coats are pretty crazy looking..but what I have a problem with, are the amount of people who are further forwarding a myth, all based on their feelings, rather than facts. If people understood that some breeds, especially smaller breeds do need coats, we would have less people leaving their dogs out in the snow for hours and hours on end. One of my vets said he has seen numerous cold weather deaths due to that very thing. We don’t even get snow where I live now, so that should tell you something.

    F*ck, I’m sick of people just thinking cold weather aparrel is stupid, and telling others they’re silly..when it’s actually a life for DEATH situation in some cases.

  6. whatnottocrochet says:

    Uh, to Anonymous above…how about leaving the dogs indoors since they apparently are not meant to go outside in such cold weather? I don’t think a jacket is enough if the breed is just not meant to go out in cold weather. The coat isn’t enough if you ask me…you’d need booties for their feet, cover their noses, etc. etc. Extreme cold weather is damaging to all parts of the dogs not just throw a coat on and hey, you’re good to go…so really, these jackets are promoting taking those same dogs out in cold weather who SHOULD NOT be in that weather at all…so how about throwing that responsibility back on the dog owner where it belongs instead of bashing people for noting the hideousness of this design?? Coats aren’t life or death…that’s entirely the responsibility of the DOG OWNER!!

  7. chowrescue says:

    if the streets are covered w. rocksalt or other snow-melting chemicals, I prefer to not walk my dogs through it, but if I have to, well, I’ll use a rain-poncho. There is nothing sillier than a chow wearing a rain poncho. (my chows like it, however)

  8. Michael says:

    Dogs? Those two things are smaller than my cat…in fact my cats would probably want to play with them! The little guy on the left does look really p.o’d though…and like a satr wars wookie! :-) Nice blog by the way!

  9. Jess says:

    I have hairless Chinese Cresteds. A naked dog is just as cold as a naked person, and requires clothing in less than 70F weather. Even in the summer, they might need a light cotton shirt to keep the sun off if out during peak hours. One of my dogs jumps up and RUNS to me the moment I pick up one of her sweaters.

    I do however agree that putting a coat on a dog that has a coat (of fur) on already sort of defies logic.

  10. DebraV says:

    Give me a break, it is fun to dress dogs up.Most of them look cute. I think it is personal preference.
    Also, if the pup has short hair and needs to go outside to go potty , put a coat or sweater on him.Personaly I dont want to clean up dog stuff off of my floors.
    As long as it does not hurt the dog , what is the big deal. They want to please us, and it pleases some of us to put clothes on our dogs.

  11. Michelle Arthur says:

    I’m with Debra — have a blast and dress up your dog! We’ve got two Pugs and I can’t tell you the number of outfits we’ve had them in, everything from a Harley T-shirt to a Patriots jersey to a life preserver (well, it was utilitarian). :-)

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