Resistance is Futile…

I saw this gem while searching for a toy pattern on Lion Brand’s website.

i gasped as I saw this:


OMG.  it’s a hideous crochet hat!  Doesn’t it look crazy???  my first thought was….The Borg Queen

The Borg Queen
The Borg Queen

I guess the simliarities really lie in the facial expression.  But can’t you see some nut crocheting this hat so the Borg Queen can keep her slimy bald head warm? hahahaha

If you really want that hat pattern…here it is.


  1. sonycmyst says:

    haha… i actually saw this too and found it quite vomit-inducing. the hat looks like a parasite that’s slowly sucking the life from behind her eyes. wait…then again, i kinda want to make one now. can you imagine the power i’d have?!

  2. JustCandice says:

    This kind of looks like one of those aliens that attaches itself to your and then sucks your brains out. Also like a large bunch of cauliflower.

  3. Trish says:

    I like it a lot–a color would be far better, though. Hey, sometimes you need a little retro in your blustery day. God knows something’s gotta lift your spirits on the way to work…

  4. Maryann says:

    Note to the Lion Brand designers:

    Bobbles, popcorn, picot… these are things we use as accents. Making something like this is like papering your entire wall with what was supposed to be trim. Or a song that consists entirely of a raucous guitar solo. It’s loud and strange and waaay too much of a good thing.

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