A Link…Follow At Your Own Discretion

I know I wasn’t going to touch on personal blogs or websites but I just can’t stand it anymore… follow at your own discretion. Granted, it’s probably knitting but there’s got to be some crochet in there somewhere so go take a look anyways. I don’t understand the language but thankfully, the pictures speak for themselves… ;)

Click here if you dare.


  1. Heather says:

    Holy cow! I probably shouldn’t have looked right before bed. The nightmares are going to keep me up all night. I mean, seriously, who in their right mind would be caught dead wearing that?!?

  2. Leisel says:

    Wow… if this is a personal blog, it is truly shocking how many varied examples of bad taste can come from a single individual. I honestly think you could run a site similar in style to this one and YKW? just to analyze the posts on that one blog.

  3. citabriag says:

    Oh My Gosh! The colors, the textures, how could she sell that stuff. If you scroll further down you will see an article with photos of her work in a store. WOW!!! I can say that and the caffeine have woken me up.

  4. Missy says:

    There was a baby sweater on there that I think was crocheted and a hat that was questionable, but the rest was knit. Just FYI.

  5. Juanita says:

    OMG… this really is a travesty, isn’t it? Your site is great, but it leaves me wondering who on earth makes these things. Because you know that *someone* out there does.

  6. meshaliu says:

    Yick. The only thing that was worse than the designs on this page is that my office-mate says that his mom owns some stuff like that. *shivers*

  7. Seahorse says:

    Oh come on, those pieces are art. At least she’s doing something creative and not churning it out the same dull pieces from standard patterns.

    I say leave her alone!

  8. whatnottocrochet says:

    Okay Seahorse…you can wear them then…LOL! It’s not the dullness of patterns that’s the problem…you can easily take a pattern and “spice it up” so it’s not the usual one – many ways to do that and maintain the beauty of it but these pieces, whether they’re art or not…they are not functional IMHO. Hanging them on the wall as art is one thing but to wear them?

  9. devulgari says:

    I would wear the Big Big Poncho, and I can see my mom wearing the pins. They’re similar to a certain kind of folk-art drawing that I admire, and they all look solid and well-made. I question the utility of the baby sweater with 2 arms of different colors and (I think) texture, and you’d have to be pretty daring to wear the Orange/Purple sweater or the Snake and Roses sweater, but if you were in a milieu that included younger people and DIY fashion sense, they wouldn’t be wildly out of place.

  10. lolo says:

    I did like the mushroom hat. I agree, it’s art. And it’s in Portuguese. I’m assuming the person’s Brazilian. I hear they like a lot of color. Let’s just face it, it’s not for Americans.

  11. TiffanyF says:

    I personally think it is cool, I can’t crotchet or knit so I don’t know how she did it. Maybe that has a lot to do with my opinion. On the other hand, just because I think it is cool, doesn’t mean that I will wear it:)

  12. Helen E says:

    Im home sick today so I thought I might browse the web to cheer myself up a bit. Look for some funny sites. This is the best laugh Ive had in ages. I dont knit or crochet either, I guess Im just naturally able to sense bad taste and lameness.

    Cheers, Thanks for the laugh, Ill be back

  13. Lenny says:

    eeeerrrrgggghhhh. Why would you want to spend all that time and end up with a ton of tat!?!?? too much time on their hands! I would have thought that most people realise they are bad at something after a couple of little goes = a couple of hours at most, especially if you have natural bad taste and colour blindness.

  14. Metalhaid says:

    I’d like some of those pieces to hang up on the wall… but the Nightmare Before Christmas stuff is a little over the top for me. So was the Concha. It looked like the model was being eaten by a crocheted snake.

  15. GoofyMama99 says:

    Wow…You guys are lucky…I speak spanish and that just made it so much worse…I think it’s called abstract art…or maybe I’m just hoping

  16. demonlily says:

    When is she coming to my suburb? Honestly, (even the clothes) would sell like hot cakes in this hippy trippy outpost of Melbourne Oz. Wouldn’t be caught dead in them myself but yes, definitely work well as wall hangings. They are pretty cool

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