Eeks! Go Buy It!

After using Google’s pretty cool translation tool from Portugese to English, I was able to at least understand you can buy the monstrosities from the blog link I just gave you yesterday. I know it’s mostly knitting but what the h*ll?! Like any good blog writer, I must give you the best information! ;)

Go ahead and click here.

If you need help converting from Euros to any other currency, click here to find out just how much these things are going for. 


  1. Leisel says:

    LOL… thanks for the additional laughs. I think my favorite is the Camisola Big Baloon. Is that seriously a good marketing strategy… “Here, buy this, and you’ll look like you’re shaped like a big balloon… and not only that, but I’m SURE you’re more than willing to spend $150 to look like you’re shaped like a big balloon.”

    (um, and that’s on top of it being one of the ugliest things ever… the colors, the striping combination, the odd stringy bits across the back in lieu of actual material so it’s too cold to wear on cool days without a shirt underneath, but with long sleeves so it’s too warm to wear on warm days… not that you would ever want to wear it without the shirt underneath, anyways.)

  2. Jen says:

    Yep, that’s some crazy crap. The really scary appliques are pretty remarkable, but I like the hat that makes you look like you have pumpkin-shaped tumors all over your head. That’s a look I’ve been going for, but haven’t yet achieved. Thanks!

  3. HydraFemme says:

    Ah, to learn new ways of saying “fugly”, only to realize that English is still one of the most truly expressive tongues for this sort of invective. . .

  4. Leslea says:

    I actually think this artist is very talented. I love the “walking the pig” purse. I wouldn’t wear any of the sweaters, but she’s got a consistent style and she makes great use of color, plus, it’s obvious she’s studied composition. I’d say this is probably an art school grad, doing textile projects.

    But no way in hell would I wear that thing w/ the open back!! Just like I’d never wear a lot of stuff that comes down the fashion runways.

  5. preeety says:

    Look, I read it, and i speak portuguese (duh, the brazilian thing…) and from what i understand (i didn’t stay too long for fear of my poor abused muses) she designs theatre wardrobe (or soh I hope). Good thing I’m not portuguese to have to acknowledge such creature as contrywoman.

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