Creepy Clown Toys

Creepy Clown Toy

The pattern for this creepy little guy reads as follows:

“This classic toy has enchanted generations of babies!”

I don’t think the essence of this toy was captured in that sentence so I’d like to re-write it to the following:

“This classic creepy toy has enchanted scared the crap out of generations of babies!”

I only have one warning if you give this as a gift to a new Mom: cover your ears and take cover…I’m sure she’s going to shriek and throw it across the room!


  1. Asperity says:

    I dunno, I kinda like it. Where’d you find it? Unfortunately I’m only just learning to crochet, so it’s probably beyond me. Besides, I’m not prolific enough yet that I want to give my hard work over to be drooled on.

  2. Leisel says:

    Well, I’m not sure about creepy, but I’d definitely call it ugly. Then again… babies probably don’t know the difference, so they may like it just fine.

    Asperity… I don’t know where this was found, but it’s just a series of disks strung together for the arms, legs and body. I’m sure you could figure out something similar without a pattern if you can’t find it.

  3. Nancy Miracle says:

    Actually, my daughter had one of this (made by a favorite aunt) and adored it. She’s now 16 and its pretty worn down and sits on a shelf. But I don’t think its true that it terrifies kids.

  4. Missy says:

    Leave it to Lion Brand! LOL Don’t get me wrong, I like some of their stuff, but, wowzers, can they turn out some strange ones! My 7 year old laughed out loud when she saw this one! My 3 year old did seem a bit disturbed by it…. I would crochet it if someone I didn’t like had a baby….

  5. charlotte says:

    I am going through the past few weeks and I just wanted to say, I was totally one of those babies enchanted by one of these clowns. And by enchanted, I mean terrified.

  6. pella says:

    yeah. clowns are just creepy in general. except maybe hobo clowns. they’re kinda sweet in a homeless drunk sort of way.

    also, my aunt made me one of these when i was little. i hated it, but i tried to play with it every time she was around and pretend i loved it. i suspect i failed to convince her as she never made me anything else. sorry auntie.

    ….wow, that’s actually kind of cathartic

  7. Maryann says:

    Okay, not up to the usual standard, I must say.

    The execution in the example is far from perfect, but I think it could be adorable in the hands of another crocheter. The concept is good, and it reminds me a little of my favorite doll as a little girl, a blonde clown rag doll in a pink outfit, which was thoroughly adorable.

    So again, example bad, concept good.

  8. Mum says:

    They all float down here…. Im still scared to walk by sewer grates. Clowns will forever scare the bejeebus out of me and this god forsaken little bit of yarn and terror is why.

  9. (shy) says:

    Okay – I had one very similar to this when I was little. Thank you to whoever posted, I will now be having nightmares for months to come!
    on the other hand, it did feel pretty cool, and I’m totally into tactile stuff. just make it less creepy if ya can.

  10. reets says:

    I made this clown with discks made from primary colors instead of the suggested yarn. Everyone who saw it absolutely loved it, and I had one little girl like it so much she didnt want to give it back.I’ve madxe them with hats and cute faces. The pattern was just the base and i used my imagination to make it loveable.

  11. Jess says:

    I had something like this when i was little but instead of a clown it was a little eskimo baby. The body was made out of the little crochet pancake thigns and the head was a plastic face stuffed and backed with fun-fur. It was actually really cute if not exactly pc.

  12. Aykayem says:

    people in Mum’s CWA group (many many years ago when I was a kid) used to make this sort of clown with fabric circles (they used suffolk puffs/yo yos) and a fabric head and hands/etc, with yarn for the hair.

    btw … yes the clown on this post does look … er … CHUCKY … in more ways than one …

    btw, I never did get around to making one in black and red (see comment 20 that I wrote here a while back ;-) … I wonder if I should have?
    … or maybe I could do it in grey and white so it looks like seagull poop? … actually if I just made a long bit of that wrinkly stuff, in greens, it would make an interesting caterpillar … or maybe do it in pink and red and make some other internal organs to go with it? …

  13. Anonymous says:

    for all those who want to know its a lion brand free pattern I think its called clown carriage toy and my g’ma made me one when i was born and as long as i can remember i’ve been terrified of clowns LOL

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