Poodle Hair Hats

Poodle HatHow many of you think wearing poodle hair on your head is cool and hip? Here’s a great example of what you can do with poodle hair if you spin it up yourself! Lovely isn’t it?

The hat is called “french organic earth faerie“. Have you noticed how people throw in French to describe anything weird to pass it off as stylish? Last time I checked, French people were pretty stylish and that certainly didn’t mean wearing poodle hair on their heads.

In case you really want to know what’s in the hat content, here it is:

handspun poodle (yes, a dog!) [notice the emphasis here…even the maker is shocked it’s actually dog hair], cotton, flax, wool, alpaca, silk noil, ramie, camel [more animal content…yaaa!], copper wire, silver string

Can you imagine the stink if this hat ever got wet?  Oh ya, wet poodle and wet camel is very enticing that’s for sure.

For a mere $99 US this hat is a steal for anyone who wants to buy it!


  1. Leisel says:

    Freeform crochet is an artform, and like any other type of art, some people can do it and create something interesting and attractive, and some people just create something for which the only kind thing to say about it is “um… interesting”.

  2. Toni says:

    Hi, I just came across this blog through the WordPress.com Dashboard. I know nothing about crocheting but I have to say that your blog is hilarious! This poodle hat thing looks like the model has a dead dog on top of its head!

  3. Laura says:

    Notice that it’s soo ugly they couldn’t get a live human to model it. Are those Christmas lights draped around her neck? Or is that part of the hat too?

  4. Missy says:

    Not only could they not get a real live human to model it, they couldn’t even get a decent mannequin! That one looks scary and possessed! Is everyone sure that they didn’t use rat to make this too? It really looks like some type of rodent tail sticking out from the back of this…

  5. beccajo says:

    you could devote an entire month to the catalog of Anna Voog if you wanted, but as someone has already said, I think she’s mostly making art. she lives in the same city i do and i’m always excited (shocked?) to run into one of her designs on the street, as they say.

    i’ve always wanted to spin a dog’s hair into yarn and knit that same dog a sweater so that it would be a meta-sweater, or a metaer, if you will.

  6. whatnottocrochet says:

    Ya, I’m sure it was myself who said it was art but she sells it…so alas, it’s up for “What Not to Crochet”…it’s being sold to the public. Not everyone is aware of Anna Voog designs either…this is enlightment for the masses.

  7. ladybotx2b4 says:

    Not that the hat isn’t ugly, but just a note here that both wool and alpaca are animal fibres as well…and silk, well, it’s produced by an insect so maybe that qualifies too.

  8. LMBO says:

    THAT is the most godawful thing I have ever seen….that would be my question, how pretty must that thing smell if it gets wet?

    ewww. Hope she used a flea free poodle LOL

  9. kitty says:

    Damn, this blog is a great laugh. The irony is that I stumbled upon it after having fought (and possibly broken up) with my b/f over Christmas crap. I was trying to crochet him a hat (no, not the one with the flower eating his face, lol), and it not working and turning into a gong show of tiny hooks, tangles and tension.

    I may try to crochet a gag out of pleather yarn with a macrame-like rubber gag ball holder. IF that happens, I will email in a photo of it!

    *dreaming of prancing about la Place Pigalle in my new poodle fur hat- on vacation with the money I’ve saved on therapy*


  10. me says:

    I have a standard poodle. Their hair is like sheeps wool and could be spun I guess. If you clip and wash your poddle regularly, which you pretty much have to, they don’t smell when wet. Not like a lab or golden.

  11. severina says:

    I suppose this could be what you’d make out of those 1/2 oz. sample bags of fiber we handspinners buy entirely too many of. They make just enough yarn to make a teensy swatch but not much else.

    I made several fairly god-awful sample hats for gifts when I first started spinning. It’s a wonder I still have any friends left…

  12. Mum says:

    Did they at least put the poodle and the camel in to some kind of witness protection program so people dont know that crap came from them?

  13. Andrea says:

    shh … don’t tell her now you might startle her – but there is a mutant shrimp crawling up the side of her neck …
    it must be able to smell the fishy smell of the catfood in that hairball that her moggy coughed up on her head …

    btw – yes I can laugh at the crochet dog fur hat … I sewed dog fur (combed from our golden retriever) onto a small art quilt and it hung in an exhibition last year … lots of people admired it … and asked what the furry stuff was … and looked a bit shocked when I told them WHAT it was … people looked even more shocked (and some were even disgusted) when I showed them a felted loincloth I made out of some fur clipped from a scruffy assortment of dogs that visited a freind’s dog grooming salon earlier on the same day that I did … and it was nicely decorated too – with beads and shells and a couple of bones and a plastic spider …
    … and that is one more good thing about this site – when members of my family say that some of my crochet/quilting/etc is too weird – I can show them some of the stuff on this site and say “at least I don’t do stuff like this …” LOL

  14. Jan says:

    To the people who mentioned the smell when the hat gets wet! I must ask, when your jumpers or woolens get wet, do they smell of sheep? After all wool comes from sheep does it not?

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