Pineapple Bathrooms

Bathroom CrochetSeriously, fess up… how many of you have seen crochet in a bathroom? And for those not familiar with crochet, “pineapple” is actually a type of stitch in crochet. Why someone would want to decorate their bathroom with crochet is beyond me…. and the colour is awful too! Just so gaudy!! Ugh!

And nothing is off limits… from the crochet covering the toilet paper roll to a seat cover (yikes!) to a cover for your waste basket.

If you can’t see the inscription on this pattern leaflet, here it is:

Add the timeless elegance of pineapples to enhance your bathroom decor!

Yes, with the exclamation point too… in case you don’t believe that crochet enhances your timeless elegance in your bathroom….LOL


  1. HydraFemme says:

    Senile senior citizens + too much time on their hands + huge sale at the Yarn Barn = this Godawful catastrophe.

    People, people, people—there are FAR better uses for even the ugliest colours of yarn. Keep that in mind before you consider perpetrating such a crime. . .

  2. meshaliu says:

    Next a “hip” version of this will be released. There will be fun fur. The toilet seat will have a fuzzy pink cover. *shivers*

  3. Rainewalker says:

    LOL @ librarian pirate.

    NO NO NO! “pineapple” is not a “type” of stitch in crochet…it’s a “pattern” ceated by certain stitches.

    I know these things because my mom and grandma loved pineapple doilies. Why would I want to tell anyone this?

  4. whatnottocrochet says:

    Every other post? Excuseeeeeeeee me for spelling a word incorrectly because I’m sure you have never in your life ever spelled a word wrong!  I corrected it just for you…the spell check police!

  5. Tamex says:

    This sort of thing used to be quite common, actually, especially at the homes of elderly grandmothers and maiden aunts. The little crocheted “hat” to cover a roll of toilet paper was especially common. I think that even my mother had one at one time…it must have been a gift from someone.

    I have never, ever seen a cozy for the top of the toilet tank before, though. I must not have ever known anyone with that much spare time.

  6. HydraFemme says:

    Gee, Tamex, you must have led a really sheltered/deprived childhood! My late mother INSISTED on clean toilet cozies every Saturday, when it was MY job to go through her insanely meticulous routine. I swear, I think she worried more about how clean the bathrooms were than how clean the bed linen was! I miss her dearly, but I do wonder now if she was terrified of what guests might think if they had to use our facilities. . .

  7. dus7 says:

    If there’s a male in the house, I don’t think all that crochetd mess will fly; they just want to find the toilet, basically. lol

    Apropos of nothing much, I hate turquoise, and am rather keen on speeling and grammar meself, being a proud honorary auxiliary member of the spelling/grammar police. (Visitors to my blog are welcome to comment and critique.)

    With a small font and no Preview in the Comments here, one can be excused for not elaborately proofreading one’s remarks.

  8. Jen says:

    When I was growing up (in the 70s), my mom had a toilet paper roll cover that was like a Barbie doll dress. Barbie’s legs went through the cardboard tube, so the whole thing looked like Barbie was wearing some horrible cylindrical ball gown, and merrily standing on our toilet tank. Really bad. But at least it was only one crocheted item. And it was the 70s. This is atrocious.

    Speaking of the “hip” version though, what is the concensus on the sushi roll tp cover on CrochetMe?

  9. whatnottocrochet says:

    Hi Jen…oh my!! First of all, who wants sushi in their BATHROOM? I don’t dream of sushi when I’m in the bathroom that’s for sure and we won’t get into the unsanitary aspects of this idea…yikes!

  10. severina says:

    I bought a particularly nasty 1950’s toilet paper doll from the thrift store a couple years ago and use it with freakish glee, but only because it’s the only crocheted thing in there, plus she looks like she lost a fight.

    Did any of the grannies who make ruffly toilet seat covers realize that the seat won’t stay up when guys use it? I can imagine the same thing happening with the toilet tank cozy.

  11. Kat-Z says:

    The Sushi may well be cute, and dare I say “hip”. It is however an
    insidious plan by the red and purple contingent to get those sweet
    barbie and Tammys back INTO our bathrooms, wearing their best
    ballgowns, day after dreary day, as they watch us go about our
    business, and guard the tissue with flair and dedication.

    Scoff now, but when you’re crocheting door knob covers you’ll remember this. (and yes, they do exist young ones).

  12. Mum says:

    Did anyone notice that there are WAY too many flower arrangements in there? Talk about overload on grandma paraphenilia…. all it needs is a velvet painting of a sad clown to top it off.

  13. anonymous says:

    I crocheted this set for my own bathroom and I have the pictures to prove it. I used dark forest green and I think it looks lovely. People who don’t enjoy a particular craft should use their abundant time and narrow minded brain cells to get a life of their own.

  14. Jennifer says:

    “Add the timless elegance of pineapples to enhance your bathroom decor!”

    ….Imagining the initial confusion of a non-crocheter who picks this book up by chance…

  15. Donna says:

    It is nostalgia. I am 47. I learned to knit at 6 and dropped it until 2 years ago. I learned to crochet at 17 and immediately made everyone I knew a (hidious) granny square blanket. This was in 1975…and at 20 I crocheted a toilet paper roll (hider) cozy for a friend of mine and, yes, she (displayed) used it in her bathroom. Much of what I like to this day hails back to the 70s…and even the 50s. The sushi cover is too … dare I say up to date… for me. Love to all and happy hooking.

  16. Dicky says:

    If you have a problem with guys and toilet seats in the house, there is a soluion to it. Have a plumber put in a urinal for those who insist on standing to whiz. No seats to leave up, no dribbles on the floor, or toilet seat, and best of all no injured peckers from falling seats. It is easier to get a guy to use a urinal than to get em to put the seat back down.
    This set is to frilly even from my female point of view. I hate anything covering the toilet anyway. After a while toilets sweat and that would make for a nasty and dirty covering. There is also way to much crap cluttering the bathroom up making it look like a storage closet for those grannies who can’t stop making awful crafts.

  17. crochetcatlady says:

    ok.. I must be old fashioned.. cos I like it.. and if I didnt have too many cats.. I would use the whole idea.. just a different color..

  18. crochet nut says:

    I wish people would stop thinking you have to be old haired to appreciate crochet.

    Sure you can make some seriously ugly things with it, but thats true of any craft. You can however, make things of beauty, and things people go “OMG you made that by hand” and then they want one too.

    Ive been doing a bunch of picture blankets, everyone whos had one was impressed and loved it, and their friends found it hard to believe they hadnt got it from some flash store and paid a lot for it.

  19. redeye3891 says:

    Sadly, I have made part of these patterns. I make the toilet seat cover and tank cover, but I made them in burgundy. they are not big and fluffy, and Do not impede the toilet seat from staying lifted while the guys gotta go. I personally think this set looks better than the regular store bought toilet garments. But, I didn’t go as far as making the creepy toilet paper cover. ;)

  20. Chelsea says:

    Get over yourself! Who died & made you God? Retro stuff like this is in style & cool. It’s a nice way to match old retro tile in a 50’s house. Seriously… You need to get a life.

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