Scarf with Pockets

I was drawn to this picture when I first saw it for a few reasons…

  • firstly, the colours in the scarf are pretty
  • secondly, the model is pretty
  • thirdly, the model’s smile is nice and,
  • fourthly, the sweater colour is great.

What more could you ask for?

Then I looked at it again…why would she have her hands in her scarf? Are those pockets??!! Yup…pockets! Then my brain said “on a scarf??”. Wait, there’s something wrong with this picture…how exactly do pockets work on scarves? One fling of this scarf over your shoulder and anything in your “pocket” is flying out of it and into the eye of the closest person behind you.

I won’t even touch on the fun fur around her hat brim and the scarf pockets as there’s no need to really…it’s just another example of how bad fun fur can be.

Thanks to Barbara for the submission… when I first saw the scarf and hat set, I thought it was pretty cute but Barbara’s email asked me to look closer…you can visit her at her blog if you like. Click here.


  1. irene says:

    It reminds me of those mittens on a string I had as a toddler, but who would want their scarf stuffed down their coat sleeves? And I bet that those pockety bits get hung up on door handles and try and garotte the wearer at every turn.

  2. Leisel says:

    Well, this does seem silly for an adult, but for a kid… I can sure see it. My kids are experts at losing gloves. I keep thinking I ought to make some i-cord strings for them, but I remember just how much I hated the (crochet chain) string I had on my gloves as a kid. That string was most uncomfortable! So, part of me does think that this would make a decent solution.

    But then again… maybe not. When are my kids most likely to actually wear their gloves or mittens? When they’re making snowballs, and this would definitely not fit the bill there, so I guess that explains why I’ve never bothered.

  3. Leisel says:

    Another thought… if you’re jamming your hands into the pockets at the end of your scarf, wouldn’t you end up strangling yourself? You’d have to constantly be focusing on only tucking your hands in the pockets, and not relaxing your arms and resting them. NOT. WORTH. THE. TROUBLE.

  4. Menolly says:

    I did make something similar, several years ago, for a friend who is always cold, especially her hands. There was no Fun Fur involved. The trick to not strangling the wearer is making it long enough, and no, you really don’t put stuff in the pockets, other than your cold hands. It’s not so much a glove replacement as a glove supplement.

  5. HydraFemme says:

    Well, I suppose it IS somehow better than trying to crochet idiot mittens instead (a mistake I made when our daughters were in grade school—as if they EVER wore those stupid things!).

    I have seen these before, only not with the fun fur. In this case, great intention—lousy execution. But then again, I’ve always been told that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. . .

  6. meshaliu says:

    That’s just …. odd. I must admit, tho, if you could put an unnoticable zipper on that scarf and make it black, you’d have an instant hit with anyone who wanted to hide their stash.

  7. Tamex says:

    I think you’re stretching here. This just isn’t that ugly at all. And, obviously, the pockets are for keeping your hands warm, not for storing heavy objects. Kind of a neat idea…you don’t have to dig for gloves as you run out of your car and into the store. I don’t even hate the fun fur…it makes a nice trim, and it seems appropriate with the color scheme of the other yarn. It’s cute, and I wouldn’ t point and laugh at someone who wore it out in public. This just isn’t on par with the “Androgynous nude figurines” or even the “Pineapple Bathroom”, I’m sorry to say.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I have one of those, I wasn’t allowed to wear gloves for marching band so I had one to stuff my hands into during short breaks. It was made of fleece and I loved it. The fun fur on this one can go though.

  9. preppygurl21 says:

    well these things or what ever you want to call them , they are the most UGLYEST and i mean UGLY the people who ever thought of this thing that they call design should be put in jail ******* and i mean it
    my little 2 year old sister can do better than this all i have to say is WOW***

  10. Sarah says:

    I’ve had a scarf with pockets on the ends for years, and they’re really quite useful. Obviously you don’t carry the contents of your purse in them, but they’re good for carrying small things, if you want, and keeping your hands warm. I don’t think the pockets are any reason at all to call this fug. If you try it, you’ll love it!

  11. Maroomagoo says:

    This is really cute and useful to me. Maybe I don’t have all of your epicurean tastes and maybe I’m simple-minded, but sorry, I think you are trying to make yourself seem like the ultra critic who’s taste is so discriminating no one else can appreciate things quite like you. Man, am I on a soapbox. Sorry again, but I do not quite get the criticism.

  12. whatnottocrochet says:

    Oh well, not everyone has to dislike it….in fact, anyone’s free to like it just as much as people are free to dislike it…and we can agree to disagree. This is just an opinion blog…nobody has to listen to the “criticisms” either…just turn the channel.

  13. Jen says:

    I have a Land’s End scarf with hand pockets at the end. It is the most brilliant invention ever. It works as a regular scarf since there is no reason you have to use the pockets. BUT, if you are cold, you just slip your hands in. The scarf is just the right length so that your hands naturally find the spot to keep warm. It saves carrying around gloves.

  14. Mum says:

    I kinda like this… maybe not in carnival colors or in smurf pubes fun fur, but the pockets would be nice for my kidlet who refuses to wear gloves.

  15. Elly says:

    I have a scarf from Bath and Body Works that is knit and has pockets and I LOVE it!! This one is ugly, given, but it is possible to have a cute scarf with pockets. It keeps your hangs warm and it’s great for small items, like my chapstick, so that I don’t have to take off my gloves, unzip my coat, and dig through my pocket to find it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i saw a cute child’s pocket scarf. the pocket had inside it a soft amigurumi doll. it looked nice. this eye-searing pocket scarf does not.

  17. Laura says:

    I made a scarf with pockets in it for a friend who attends football games. I made it in the school colors. It’s long so she can wrap it around then put her hands in the pockets. I was afraid she’d think it was weird, but after a long, very cold winter (she ended up wearing it to baseball games too!), she loves it. And her team mom friends are jealous.
    Faux fur is over the top, but the idea is sound.

  18. saggybaggymonstr says:

    pockets: I can deal with. But omg why does fun fur even exist???? it is the worst thing ever to be created! So much yarn abuse… I just don’t understand….

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