Androgynous Nude Figurines

Nude FigureOkay, I know this figurine thing is supposed be “art” but holy crap!

The artist has created a wee bit of controversy with her figurines…gosh, wonder why? Not sure what her message is but seems she has one…and it needs to be expressed through a crocheted penis and breasts and a weird pointy hat.

What a nice excuse to make it okay to crochet genitalia.

Designed by Ming-Yi Sung.


  1. Tamex says:

    severina, I’m afraid you already have.

    That’s from the artist’s website. It says that the “stocking” is 6 feet tall! It’s not a figurine. That is a real person!

    Take a look at the bunny suit.

    I really do think I’m in the wrong line of work. Can I really crochet ugly hats and penises and boobies (hey, a hat with penises and boobies would be really out there!) and make a good living at it? I could work at home and wear pj’s all day.

  2. missy says:

    I don’t know about crocheted, but Knitty had some knitted fake boobs for women who have had masectomies. (ignore the awful spelling, please!) The penis I’m not so sure on a pattern….

    Can’t you see the kids’ faces when you show up dressed like this for a Halloween party though? This is the #1 way to embarrass your kid!

  3. dus7 says:

    One wonders where one would find a model to fit this bi-sexed suit? Oh, right, something gets stuffed with fiber filling and make people wonder what’s real, lol. What an attention-getter, eh?

  4. FtotheLtotheO says:

    oh yeah she’s a friend of mine, I think her work is awesome, Yes she freehands her work, and no I doubt she is making a good living at it, so you guys can just keep on crocheting your non-shocking, non gender bending, boring saleable items.

  5. The Absence aka MING!!! says:

    I’m rather flattered by this thread of discussion about a picture of my artwork done in my naughty college years, which is about ten years ago.  Yes, the pattern? There is no pattern. They all came from my head — just think three-dimension like a computer 3-D graphic. (I like the banana comment, ha ha ha! ;)

    PS. My website is still under construction so “bare” with it please

  6. severina says:

    Cool, now that I know the artist has a sense of humor I REALLY want to see somebody wearing it.

    Mebbe you should come to my university and rub a little humor into my “sculpture is so serious and important” classmates.

  7. Patrice says:

    This artist (at least I think it was her) was part of an exhibit here in Washington DC last summer or fall, in the lobby of an office building no less! The exposed genetalia created some controversy, as you can well imagine, so the artist crocheted fig leaves to cover them up. I went down to see it and enjoyed the entire exhibit. Actually, I think Ming-Yi’s work was a favorite. I was a little perplexed concerning what seemed to be a fascination with genetalia, but now I know why. I think a lot of us can honestly say we were fascinated with genetalia during our college years.

  8. Mum says:

    Even Marilyn Manson has to have a grandma…. ( its really interesting and artsy, I would never have the patients to make anything that big… or dangly)

  9. Barb says:

    My life can end now. I have officially seen it all. Nothing will ever be as funny as a giant bunny and his friend the boob penis creature.

  10. Sam says:

    I found that the amount of work and creativity that goes into Ming’s art is amazing. Without a formal pattern, she created life size figures. The colors are bold and fun.

    I’m not an artist and I don’t always understand what the artist is trying to portray, but I do appreciate the craftmanship that goes into Ming’s work. If you go to her web site, you can see photos of her sculpture called fighting with food (or something like that). There is a great chicken she created!

  11. Mazell Stafford says:

    I think it is kinda cool but will not go out & buy one. My grand-daughters would laugh & my grand-sons would be thoroughly embarrased. Wouldn’t that be fun tho?

  12. pink says:

    Notice the model is hiding his/her face. Smart move on the part of the model. No one wants to let people know they would wear such a ridiculous outfit.

    And whats up with the clashing color combination? Got a good bargain on discontinued yarn at ebay?

  13. Kelli Weaver (WeaveKiller) says:

    I just learned to crochet — no doubt I’m making one of these.
    Who needs a pattern?? It’s more expressive to construct it from your perception of the subject. Imagine if all penises were created from a pattern?? They are all different in real life. For some I’d use big thick yarn, sport weight for others…. I haven’t learned to follow a pattern yet anyway. LMAO… I love this blog.

  14. Ming Yi Sung says:

    It’s been a while since I visited this blog and I still laughed about the responses here~

    No matter what anyone said it’s art or not, I have no illusion and am certain it is, just as sure about my crochet sculptures later published.

    This outfit was created for the model who is also an artist, and I traded it for his painting. He told me he had worn it quite a few times at parties. He lives in New York City, people and the art scene there has a more open mind for it I suppose.

    If you crochet and free form, join Yahoo’s Free From Crochet group. If you like to visit my website to view my other artwork, it is:

  15. me says:

    OMG! WOW! I’m not really sure what to say, I just looked at the website and yep my mouth kept dropping open to, it’s true she is talented but they are a little too erm…well you know!

    However I also looked at her other art and her sculpture and WOW now that is amazing talent!! But WHY really WHY? would you make that let alone WEAR it!! O_O I’m for once left utterly speechless, but I had to post O_O O_O O_O

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