Hooker Wear

Wow, this is an outfit that is offered as a free pattern if you sign up for membership with a certain crochet site… both the “shell skirt” and the “pineapple top”.

Just the right look to show off your bra! Why even wear this top over your bra? It’s so close to being sheer that you might as well not even bother putting it on! And to complete the ensemble, may as well put on a skirt that makes you look mostly naked too! Oh ya, hooker crochet! All she needs is the high heels and off to stand on the corner she goes.

Not your Grandma’s crochet that’s for sure but if you want to look like a hooker, hey, what a great reason to become a member of this website!


  1. dus7 says:

    Perhaps such see-through tops can work over something else and look nice. But “pineapple top”? That’s rich, lol. The ‘skirt’ can be a lampshade maybe.

  2. severina says:

    Hmmm, that top would be nice peeping through a deep v-neck top or over a tank. I’m actually a bit curious about it.

    The fat-enhancing skirt, naaaaaahh.

  3. HydraFemme says:

    Is it any wonder, then, why so many public schools are opting for mandating uniforms? Never, I must emphasize, NEVER let any teenaged girls see this, or the dress-code envelope is no longer pushed—it’s downright BUSTED!!!

  4. keenpetite says:

    If anyone is stupid enough to go in public wearing this, should some jerk make a $ offer, she should accept… after all, we are what are we wear.  cheapo!!!

  5. stilettoheels says:

    Why the hate, drhaisook?

    It looks skanky and cheap, but I don’t suppose you’d understand since you only came here after Googling the word “bra.”

  6. preppygurl69 says:

    whow who u go stilettoheels that stupid hooker you are fighting with has no stle so just brush off her fat ass words

  7. Mum says:

    She had some time between Johns to make something useful… then she could write off the yarn as a ” business expense”. One would have to be bored and between “jobs” to make that.

  8. yarndiva says:

    Umm…well, it was not worn in good taste or in modest taste in fact.

    I made a similar top except mine had straps on it and I had a seamstress put in a black lining because of the exact same thing why we are all gasping right now LOL!

    Some people like to show off their bras? I guess?

  9. Badgirl says:

    I love it and would wear it out in a heartbeat with a hot pair of 6 inch heel platforms nomatter what you prudes think!! Most of my skirts are a whole lot shorter than that anyway!

  10. Chestnut says:

    Hmm… Don’t you guys think, it will look appropriate at the beach with a nice bikini? But I would rather make top and skirt in one color…

  11. Minky says:

    This one I would make from the top-down in the pineapple(which is a fav. pattern of mine) to pass the tosh and with a more softer yarn and possibily with a little flare at the bottom.. but just for the ‘hot’-nites and not when I’ve got PMS

  12. ilikeit says:

    The color has got to go but thats just the kind of top my husband loves for me to wear to a late night diner and dancing, but nix the bra under it.

  13. Roxanne Gil says:

    I agree why wear them out. It would make you look like a cheap skank. A good use for the top would be to wear it to bed as a good teaser for your husband. Or use it over for the bottom of the bathing suit.

  14. van says:

    i have seen much shorter skirts and being that I run my own crochet shop from my home I make whatever people want no matter how short or long and my best sellers happen to be crochet string bikinis at the top of the list and then corsets that i crochet. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it.
    rule from 4th grade, along with keep your hands to yourself, use please and thank you. So the question of the day is are you smarter than a fifth grader.

  15. Chelsea says:

    Did your momma ever teach you that if you don’t have something good to say then say nothing at all? Yeah didn’t think so. By the way… nothing is wrong with the human body. Just because you have hang ups about showing yours doesn’t mean we all should be repressed as well. Maybe guys go for hookers because they aren’t up tight prudes like you.

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