Butt Ugly Purses

Butt Ugly PurseI’ve seen some nice purses crocheted before but wow, this one is really so hideous! And whatever is on the front just screams “homemade” too…what are those?

Compliments of Lionbrand free patterns of course! And appropriately named “Fun in the Sun Bag“…why fun in the sun? No idea! Does this look like a beach bag?

At least it doesn’t have Fun Fur on it like everything else Lionbrand likes to give you a free pattern for! :|


  1. keight says:

    It’s weird they call it fun in the sun, because it dosen’t really look like anything you would take to the beach, it’s not in bright colors or anything, looks like a 4th of july deal.

  2. Missy says:

    When I first saw it, I thought it was supposed to be a sombrero. Ok, so maybe I’m just crazed. Geez, I haven’t even had my new year’s margarita yet, can you imagine what I’ll be seeing after I have it???

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!

  3. severina says:

    This bag makes me cry!

    I’ve owned/made tons of ugly/goofy bags over the years but even I wouldn’t be caught dead in a ditch with this one.

    Not even if it was my dog-walking poop-bag.

  4. HydraFemme says:

    My sisteen-year-old is really into purses. Ooh, I can’t WAIT to see the look of pure horror on her face when she gets a load of THIS!!!

  5. Pfirsch says:

    I actually like it. They messed up when they decided to embellish it. It wouldn’t be so bad if it were left plain.

    Who takes chenille to the beach anyway? And in such a dark color?

    This is a case of a good idea being poorly executed. Shame on you, LionBrand. Shame!

  6. severina says:

    It’s chenille? Oh won’t that be cute all full of sand.

    Make it in cotton & take the spooky button things off & it might make a decent bag to carry beach crap around in. But what do I know? I hate the beach.

  7. preppygurl69 says:

    thats a purse it looks like a tampon holder that goes in your bathroom woow thats ugly i would never be cought dead or alive for that matter with this so called ” bag”

  8. LaDy says:

    it looks like you should put it on your head and go to a nursing home or be in a Little House on the Prarie book. i saw the same thing at my local craft store when i was buying yarn.u-g-l-y!

  9. Andrea says:

    no fun fur yarn? … oops it must have escaped before they finished designing/making it … it is just screaming to have a round of fun fur worked around the top! … and as for anyone who sees it, with or without fun fur added, well they will be just screaming … and running away …

  10. lyss says:

    The perfect finishing touch would be a generous helping of hot pink fun fur fugliness. With tassels that look like a goat spit them up. And put it on the bottom put the purse. Whaddya know, I can design fug too!

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