Boxy Granny Sweaters


Now to the sweater – why would you want to make a sweater that is made up of about a million colours (annoying when you’re crocheting to change colours constantly) and one that is so boxy that nearly no body shape would be able to pull this off?! Not to mention all the ends to weave in and the seaming up of all the “granny squares” to each other. Even the model, who’s very slim, has to fling her arms out like she’s flying like a bird to get this to show “properly”. Guess you could hold your arms like that all the time…otherwise, it just looks like you’re wearing an afghan… Designed by Lionbrand of course but you actually have to buy this pattern from Lionbrand too…it ain’t free!! :| What team does the designing for Lionbrand anyways? Yikes, they need to be fired!


  1. Leisel says:

    Lionbrand also SELLS a pattern for a scarf… they list the dimensions and that it is stockinette edged in garter stitch on the description.. Any but the most beginning of knitters could come up with this pattern in their sleep, but Lion wants you to give them $2.50 for it.

    I wanna design for Lionbrand… they have no standards other than that you use their yarn, so it’d be easy money. I wonder how much they paid to the designer of this scarf.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Her pose makes her look like she’s starring in some kind of monster movie. Seriously, if she weren’t smiling? “RETURN OF THE BABY BLANKET SWEATER!!!” Raaaagaggaaagh!!

    Leisel’s question about designers’ pay is a question of mine as well. How much did the designer get paid for this monstrosity?

  3. Me says:

    I think there might be a way to keep the idea of grannies in a sweater, but with softer colors, maybe. Lion Brand seems to try to get you to buy as much yarn as possible with each garment. Yuck.

  4. Missy says:

    This is a perfect example of the rule that says that if the model is posed in a truly odd angle, the pattern probably sucks. I almost expect her to break out singing, “There’s no business like show business!”.

    As if the boxy outline wasn’t enough, the granny squares accentuate it and then, just in case you thought you still might **possibly** be able to pull it off, they put stripes going horizontally across the shoulders. Nothing like the linebacker look!!! Manly, it’s the new “feminine”!

  5. Carol says:

    i think the scary question we should be asking ourselves (or should we?) is “how many of these patterns will they actually sell!?!?!

    you had better make sure you are wearing your sun glasses when you step out!

  6. Patrice says:

    I think if the yarn were soft, and the colors less … well … colorful, it might make a nice sweater. I don’t think Lion Brand’s goal is to sell patterns; it’s to sell yarn, but they don’t seem to give much thought to the patterns used to display it. Some careful consideration of patterns might increase their sales.

  7. KC says:

    I can’t imagine where you would ever wear that sweater! If you stare at it too long you could have a seizure. Missy, you are right about the classic pose. Yet even then, it looks like crap!

  8. Anastacia says:

    Well, I like it. I love granny squares, and I love something different that you can’t just buy in a store. I wouldn’t pay for the pattern, just looking at it you could easily duplicate it, and add in gussets to make it fit better.

  9. preppygurl69 says:

    yeah i saw your site or what ever im sorry but that stuff is UGLY i have never seen anythink so hideas in all my life maybe that should be put out of syle haha yes , i should

  10. Nancy Donaldson says:

    Hey I liked your web site. I am looking for directions to make a scrap aghan using the double crochet and it goes at an angle. I saw it in the 70’s when crochet was so popular. I teach high school and need projects for my students. Nancy

  11. Starwings says:

    Wow preppy guuuuuuurl is a little rude huh. You should spend less time being rude about her website, and more time working on your spelling. Lol you didn’t even spell your own name right. LOL

  12. Starwings says:

    oh… your typing sucks too. Have you gone to grammer school yet? I know you haven’t gone to the school of manners…

  13. Sondra Hastings says:

    I love your site…it is just hilarious…we all need to have a sense of humor. I remember the first garment I made for my husband. It was a sweater that I gave him, in front of his family(first time I had met them.) on Christmas. He tried it on, held his arms out and I swear he looked like a bat with large wings…one look at his family (who were all about to rupture while trying not to laugh), and I had to laugh…he could have flown three people with those wings…. we all had fun and it sure broke the ice with his family.

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