Fringe Jeans

Fringe JeansOh, come on… this isn’t even considered a crochet pattern. Lionbrand has gone a tad too far on this one… their instructions say to use a crochet hook to apply the fringe to the jeans. “Using” a crochet hook to pull strands of yarn through to make fringe is NOT a crochet pattern. DUH!!

This one really makes you wonder… Lionbrand will come up with anything and call it a “pattern” so all those who really love Lionbrand will use their yarn. Pulling pieces of yarn through “netting” that’s glued, yes, glued to the sides of your jeans does not make it a crochet pattern.

You can’t help but shake your head on this one… just how stupid do they think people are? And besides that, unless you’re a cowgirl or a cowboy, why the fringe on jeans?!?

Fug photo submitted to WNTC by JJ from Domesticated.


  1. Missy says:

    Strangely enough, I saw this and thought of John Travolta! LOL
    You know, Urban Cowboy? Not that I’ve ever seen it or even know what it is… **whistling**

  2. HydraFemme says:

    That’s right, Heather—I just SOOOOO want to look as if I just fell off of some brat’s birthday cake!

    Ew, ew, ew.

  3. WildCatDancer says:

    No real cowboy or cowgirl over the age of 4 would wear these. No self respecting cow horse would let you ride it, and the cattle would stage a stampede right out of Big Valley. Nothing screams DUUUDE (in a bad way) than yarn fringed jeans.

    Even my horse laughed at these. And he has lousy taste.

  4. JerseyCow says:

    Yeee-Haw! Lol, I think I totally wanted a sweater with fringe like that when I was little, because the fringe on the sleeves was supposed to be the mane of the horses knitted into the sweater. The 80s were a sad, sad time. But even an 80s kid would rather die than go near those pants. Not to mention what sounds like really poor construction.

  5. Minky says:

    Hey, you just gave me an idea! This is the best way to keep my daughter busy this summer! I’ve lotsa left over yarn, she could attach it as the pic. to her wornout jeans and wear it this Helloween! And call herself the LOOSE-END-MONSTER!

  6. pink 77 punk says:

    what bothers me is not the silly blue fringe, but the raw ragged cut down the side of the pants.

    Why oh why are people so afraid of a simple sewing machine? Is turning a simple hem that frightening?

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