Big Ass Scarves

From wearing next to nothing to wearing too much… designing bad crochet never ends! Just how heavy is this darn scarf and why is it so HUGE? It looks like it’s engulfing this poor model’s neck and any minute now she’s going to topple forward and fall on her face!

If you’re going to make it that big, just turn it into a shawl, a shoulder wrap, anything that’s appropriate for how big this thing is. Finished size is 8″ wide by 96″ long…yikes! And the colour changes are pretty bad too.

Comes as a kit for $34.99 US!


  1. missy says:

    Let’s see, I’m already half way through this afghan, but I’m kinda bored now…. I KNOW!!!!! I’ll wear it as a SCARF instead! Yeah! I’ll be cool, or something…..

    Where **do** you find all this stuff anyway???

  2. Elizabeth Spinner says:

    I see someone being asked to make a scarf, then the recipient keeps saying “No…longer…no, could you make it wider?” until the knitter finally snaps and knits this pattern. “There! Are you happy now?!”

  3. geoflamingo says:

    Where could you live that it is SO cold you need a scarf that big?
    I don’t think eskamos would wear that!
    Any Arctic dweler with half a brain would freeze first

  4. Angie says:

    Ha! I found an even dumber “scarf” pattern yesterday. Was at grocery store and paging through a crochet magazine – I think it was Crochet World. Thought “what a nice man’s vest” Noooo it was a scarf. Just a vest front with a scarfy part for the back of the neck. Who would wear that???

  5. severina says:

    Ha! Crocheted bathtub! :D

    I have no problem with really really long scarves, just stupidly wide ones. Tying a knot in it makes it look fat & stupid.

    This could have been nice and fun rather than just a chore to wear.

  6. severina says:

    I could make about six much nicer scarves with that kit, instead of one house-sized scarf. The colors are kinda nice, but the finished product must weigh in at about 27 pounds.

  7. Kat-Z says:

    C’mon Aunt Elma passed away before the afghan was finished.
    It just seemed a shame to waste all of that yarn, as the lucky recipient already
    had a car cozy.

  8. Tatter says:

    Damn, I want one.

    Not for the weather, not for the style. Just so I can dress up as a god damn Black Mage from Final Fantasy.

    You wouldn’t happen to have a crochet witch hat and cape in your archive, would you?

  9. Linda says:

    This is the woman’s answer to men’s 1970’s wide ties. Just goes to show that women are still trailing behind men.

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