Conehead Hats

Want to morph your head shape into a cone? Here’s a hat to achieve that much sought after look! And to think this pattern comes from a publisher I normally have respect for. For knitting patterns, they are absolutely great! For crocheting, well, just take a look at this hat…LOL However, they do still do a lot of nice patterns…guess it’s okay to “slip up” once in awhile. I’ve been told that if the model is not looking at you directly or face on then they are hiding something in the picture…so with her looking down at her feet, guess that’s the only way this hat will look nice…so if you want to wear it, go ahead but be warned, you might have to look at your feet the entire time so people don’t clue in that your head is now cone-shaped! I won’t even touch on how it’s mashing her hair down either… :|

Respectfully submitted by one of our WNTC readers! Thanks!


  1. dus7 says:

    Thx for another one! I can’t believe there are this many really bad crochet patterns out there — and that someone actually makes and models them! Could work if made smaller for a possible pixie look, but not with those colors, no. The point, so to speak, of a cap is to cover the ears, i.e. warmth. Of course, maybe she ‘is’ a conehead. Otherwise,

    “Ohmigawd, there’s something on your head! Here, I’ll kill it!” WHACK. Oops.

  2. irant says:

    That hat would look really cool with some beer caps woven in. Maybe its weird shape is designed to put crap all over it, maybe to slightly mitigate the shape.

    But I agree with Severina: if you’re gonna point, you’d better leave no one guessing.

  3. Haffizerd says:

    This kinda looks like someone got a pattern for a christmas tree air freshner cover and didn’t pay attention to the materials list. Pattern calls for size 10 thread and this person used worsted weight instead. I can just hear the designer’s thoughts “OPPPs!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm……looks like it will fit on my head, how about I submit it to publisher. He he he…. Ha ha ha, stupid editor went for it, Whoopee i’m published.

  4. jennifer says:

    My first thought was a pinecone. Perhaps it could be useful for when you need to add a little spunk to your 6 year olds tree costume.

  5. Lisa says:

    I thought it looked like a pinecone, too!

    The picture has some strange 3-D effect going too. I’m afraid it’s going to jump out at me.

  6. Flo says:

    I actually have this pattern. My daughter and I fell off our chairs in gales of laughter when we saw it. Her first response was–make it in red and go as a gnome for Halloween!

  7. gray la gran says:

    guess i’m the only one who really likes the hat. when i first saw it, i thought “cool!”. come on girls, it’s fun to get dressed up and wear unusual things. it looks very vintage to me. i think it would be fun to wear with a nice dress to go out for a cocktail. how would you like to draw attention to yourself, with a funky crochet hat or constantly battling your tube top with pulling it up as it’s sliding down with each movement, and then tugging it down to cover your middrift more? i’d rather wear the hat!

  8. modnit (tm) says:

    She’s not looking down, I think she’s actually unconscious. This looks suspciously like one of those “put the funny hat on while she’s passed out and we’ll take a picture” kind of situations.

  9. dkrmwiz says:

    i tried to make this hat, but gave up! not the interweave cone one, but the more normal looking lionbrand one. the pattern was all over the place and i can usually follow anything! heck, i did that diagonal ripple blanket, and part of the diagram was missing, and i made it smaller for a baby ghan…
    anyway, the one pictured would look good as part of a tree costume.

  10. candi says:

    OK, I have to agree, it looks horrible and I designed it!!!! Honest it looked a lot better before it was photographed. Oh well can’t win them all and at least I made the list.

  11. copperrose7 says:

    hahaahaa..this is the crochet pattern that brought me to this site hahaha I thought pinecone right away! hahahaa! too much!!!

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