Table Doily Shawls

What’s wrong with this picture? It’s called an “Ice Crystal Shawl”, however, when you look at it, isn’t it really a table doily? Don’t get me wrong…it’s a gorgeous stitch and well made, however, it looks like she went to her Grandma’s house, tore the doily off the closest table, put a pin on it and said “wow, look at me, a shawl!” and out for dinner she went… :|

Why do crochet designers do this? You can’t tell me it’s impossible to be a little more creative then taking something that’s meant to be something else, changing it slightly, peddling it as a piece of clothing and pretending that’s what it’s supposed to be! Seen it with afghans too…with all those darn granny square items of clothing! It’s supposed to be on your table and can look quite lovely there…but the secret is to leave it on your table…duh!

Link respectfully submitted by one of our WNTC readers…thanks!


  1. Norah says:

    I actually kind of like this one (but I never said I had taste). Maybe if she used a different type of yarn, like lace-weight mohair in any color but white or ecru (doily colors), it’d look less doily-like?

  2. Empress Baggie says:

    That one needs to be crocheted in color, where the colored motifs are strategically placed to look like owl’s eyes. Or gas masks. Or Scream masks.

    Think of the possibilities.


    Very truly yours,

  3. dus7 says:

    At first I thought, ‘She’s just wearing it wrong. It needs to be on her shoulders or be more draped on her arms,’ but then as I look at it again it begins to look like too many circles with an awkward closure. It might have worked with a wide soft border. The whole thing has to be soft or it does look like she grabbed grandma’s cotton crochet work off a table or chair because her arms were cold.

  4. HydraFemme says:

    Hmm. Well, I’ve seen worse. But not much. Just wait until that sucker starts to show its age, and then it couldn’t hit the Goodwill bag fast enough. . .

  5. kerry says:

    Just the word “doily” brings on the mirth. They were really important back in the days when all kitchen tables were made of wood, and so needed some sort of protection. Here’s a request – have you come across any macassars? There’s another word that makes me laugh. They were slung over the back of armchairs to catch the oil from dirty hairy heads – back in the days when a bath a week was the norm. Come to think of it, that shawl looks suspiciously like one.

  6. Haffizerd says:

    The big question is why do publishers continually publish these horrendous patterns. I mean really, what I see published these days says a lot about the taste of these publishers and their editors. It’s like they are on a mission to give crochet a bad name. Finding creative crochet patterns well worth our money is quickly becomming extinct.

  7. HydraFemme says:

    Actually, Kerry, those were called “antimacassars”, as they absorbed the macassar oil men used in their hair to hold it in place (predating hairsprays, gels, etcetera). I can only imagine that they must have been hell to wash, as the only “laundry detergent” that was used at that time was a bar of lye soap and a washboard. No wonder there were probably so many at one time, as it was actually somewhat easier to replace it after it got really nasty and beyond all hope. . .

  8. suzala says:

    I can’t hold back anymore, my husband, ( a professional geek and a woodworking fool) and I (commercial artist and knitting maniac) have decided your site is one of the funniest we have ever seen. Your choices are supurb, but we are also entranced with the witty prose! Please keep ‘em coming! (pathetically, we check everynite for new entries!)

    Your fans,
    suza and the rick.

  9. Vera says:

    Yes, it is a table doily too, I actually like it, but I would shy away from sewing together all those motifs.

    Besides, it doesn’t have any fur.

  10. lisaluvs says:

    that looks like something my grandmother would chrocet me ewww who ever designed theses should really go back to art class for a couple of centrys

  11. Smogzilla says:

    OK you’ve all complained all about why would someone crochet/design that. What gets me is that there is a STUPID IDIOT that would wear such an atrocity!! Come on designers, get creative! There needs to be a contest for a shawl desgin with one caveat – no doilies allowed. People are too stupid to know better than to wear granny’s doilies.

  12. Anonymous says:

    My 92 year old Mother has been Crocheting all my life (54) and when I was little the Doilies she made around the house became what we would wear on our heads to Church as we were running out the door..They looked sweet..I am # 11 of 12 children.

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