Pukey Purple Passion Poncho

Described as “flirty” and for beginner/intermediate crocheters and you can make it in a weekend!! And my oh my, what a fun-filled fabulous weekend it’d be! You can get this pattern for a mere $5.00 and who knows how much for the yarn? I see you will have to track yourself down some Fun Fur…because, well, we all know that crocheters love the Fun Fur…it’s got to be the easiest (said with a smirk on my face) thing in this world to crochet with!! Oh hey, it’s an “original design” too…

Respectfully submitted by a WNTC reader…thanks!

And don’t you just love how “pukey” fits right in there with all the other “P” words… ;)


  1. reilly says:

    I love the colour purple, well I USED to until I saw this. I wouldn’t even put it in my cats’ box. Looks like a tabelcoth or runner gone wrong again. Won’t even mention the fun fur.

  2. reilly says:

    Ok I really meant tablecloth. Blame it on the beer. Then again if it looks bad AFTER beer then best I’d not look at it tomorrow in broad, sober daylight.

  3. HydraFemme says:

    While the colours are passable, the assymmetrical nature is still so freaking impractical. . .the only way that could work is if you’re carrying a large enough purse, and you need a cut that would accomodate this. Further, I think a better stitch could have been used for this. Anything anything along the lines of granny-squares is utilized for a garment, you find yourself wondering what the point of it all is. I mean, if you’re doing it in wool and not in fabric, isn’t it supposed to provide a semblance of warmth? Open stitches like that mitigate the reservation of any amount of body heat, so why bother with somthing like this in the first place?


  4. irant says:

    I was thinking “saddle blanket”, but it might chafe the horse. Then “water heater insulator,” but like HydraFemme points out, where’s the warmth?

    Simply, bad idea jeans.

  5. Orange Swan says:

    I usually approach patterns on here as a design challenge, trying to figure out how the pattern could be made to work. Every now again a pattern defeats me because it has no redeeming qualities. This is one of those times.

  6. Linda says:

    This reminds me of those things that used to go over the backs of chairs so grandpa’s hair grease wouldn’t stain the upholstery…what were they called? Anti-maccassars? And now we are supposed to wear these things? Yikes!

  7. Bryn says:

    Could someone please explain to me why every crocheted object I’ve ever seen has to be done in the most nasty colors possible? When I was a kid, lo! those many years ago, everything was done in that weird blue and green combo. Nothing wrong with blue and green together if they’re both nice colors to start with, but it’s always a faded, pale blue and some pukey, yellow-green. Gah! And they’re still doing it!! Now this purple monstrosity from hell. I don’t crochet–I’m a knitter. In spite of seeing many ghastly knitted objects (would somebody just strangle the purveyors of fun fur and put me out of my misery? Please?), nothing can put the “fug” into “fugly” like fugly crochet.

  8. Norah says:

    I love that color, the yarn I mean, not the fun fur. In another stitch and making up, say, a sweater, it’d be very nice. But that has to go. In the first place, it looks like a tablecloth, except that no self-respecting tablecloth would have a fun fur edging.

  9. Kat-Z says:

    If anyone else was forced to play “team sports” during P.E. in days of yore, you might
    remember those snazzy little ditties called “Pennies’ which were two pieces of fabric, sewn together at the shoulders like an apron, went over your
    head, and tied together on the sides..each team wearing a different color.
    (This complimented the FUG blue, one piece shorts “jumpsuit” which flattered
    no one).

    I never thought I would see that same fashion concept applied to a crocheted item.

    The disadvantages of this item in winter have been very well documented here.
    Spring would be equally disastrous, as the FUN Fur would tend to heat up..and birds
    would be dive bombing you get materials for feathering their nests.

    HOWEVER – the smart gals who make their coach replace the old ones with these,
    will be able to tie them together making an impromptu badmitten net when the
    old one fails! Heck..forget badmitten OR volleyball, THIS thing would repell

  10. Hand Maiden says:

    This is exactly why I have not yet learned to crochet. I’m embarrassed that I don’t know how, but when I see these truly ugly bizarre uses of pattern and yarn it sucks all creative juice right out of me. egads!

  11. Lily Babes says:

    Oh my God!!! Who designed this thing? Are ponchos still in fashion in 2006? This downright shameful. It wouldn’t even look good as a tablecloth. What’s FUGLY mean? Does it mean “friggin ugly?” LOL

  12. HydraFemme says:

    Dear LilyBabes:

    You have the basic idea of what FUG is all about. Since you seem to be new here, please permit me to refer you to a couple of other websites that you may find equally fug-tastic:

    Google the following—

    You Knit What

    Go Fug Yourself

    And now, welcome to the fabulous world of fug, in all its glory!

  13. Jaqui says:

    Hmmm…I see what theproblem is here. This piece was obviously mislabled in it’s original printing. Why, it isn’t even a poncho at all. It’s a uniform for an x-ray technician…at Walmart…IN HELL!

  14. Starwings says:

    reminds me of the things kings and queens wear on playing cards. I dont see how that is anywhere near a poncho, which are stupid themselves, but nowhere near this. I don’t think ONE person has ever made this.

  15. susan says:

    why oh why do some designers think that they can make up anything in a really thick yarn / simple stitch ,label it ‘quick’ and think that some poor sod is actually going to make/wear the monstrosity? It wouldn’t hang right if you tied ten kg weights to the bottom corners. Hello!!!!!! Thick thick yarn = big, warm winter clothing. Not something with holes!

  16. noodelechicken says:

    this is the ugly ugly ugly UGLY thing i have ever seen and it makes me want to throw up and die and run screaming for my mother….it’s just so….ugly

  17. copperrose7 says:

    why cant i get a job ,making up or rather letting my crochet hook do whatever it wants to do,using the very bottom scraps from my yarn stash and calling it fashion and charging real money to sell the pattern to others@ what a racket !

  18. Andrea says:

    I can think of one use for this … next time someone wants a tacky costume for a fancy dress party – they could wear this and go as one of Monty Python’s “Knights who go ni”

  19. aussieduo says:

    f******ugly garments not a truer description ever made.This looks like a page boys medieaval tabbard gone haywire I can see knights of old wearing these in medieaval netball tournaments. Thank you to everyone else for the giggles at your furkin comments some of them better than the garment.

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