No Purpose “Rippled Macaroon” Poncho

Can you see it on her face? She’s pursing her a lips a tad…probably trying not say “dear God, get this thing off me!!”. Selling a pattern on the statement “fits any body shape” is NOT a good sign. Really…if that’s your only marketing “tool”, you’re in trouble!! I call this a “no purpose” poncho because, well, seriously, what purpose does it serve if you wear it? It’s ugly, it’s unstylish and it really looks like you just sorta threw it on because you weren’t sure what else to do with it. And what’s up with those tassles? Geez, they’d get caught in everything. It really does nothing for this model’s outfit…again, no purpose. So that leads to another topic…if your crochet really has no purpose, don’t do it! Crocheting is not to do just because you can do it…seriously, do you choose your clothes that way? I just have to put something on so I’ll just put whatever on. I don’t think so. Same principle applies to crochet – it really should have a purpose when you make it! 


  1. HydraFemme says:

    And AQUA? Jeez! That reminds me of my brother’s house—everything in the kitchen was that colour when they bought it, and over the years it’s been (mercifully!) phased out as much as possible.

    That colour should be banned by law. . .

  2. CombatGal says:

    I think it might be useful around the house. I think I’ll garden….tie a trowel, hand rake, etc. to each tassel. Housecleaning? Tie a sponge, spray cleaner, brush to the tassels!

  3. dus7 says:

    I agree with Hydra – aqua sucks and belongs in the ocean.
    And Combat is onto something – tie cleaning utensils to the tassels and spin around the house. Lovely idea. Whatever breaks can go into the trash and never have to be dusted again.

    The garment is bad, very.

  4. Haffizerd says:

    Gone are the days of Lacey, dainty, feminine crochet wearables. What’s up with this new wave of crochet? Big, bulky, and extremely ugly crochet that takes away from the beauty of a woman. Seems like the trend now is a one stitch, two stitch crochet item that clearly shows the creativity of the new breed of crocheters. Oh my grandma must be turning in her grave at this insult to her beloved craft.

  5. Orange Swan says:

    I could see this working on some gorgeous 19-year-old who was going out clubbing. But even she should not allow pictures to be taken of her so attired, because it will be blackmail fodder a few years down the road.

  6. Kat-Z says:

    Rarely am I speechless.

    Of course, a pattern is just a guide and you can make the item fit your needs.
    Crappy tree this year? No problemo.

    With a few modifations – such as making it much longer, it could be a Christmas Tree Cozy, with light s in every hole, and the fringe allowing you to water the tree. Or not.
    What if aunt Babe showed up for Christmas wearing the Poncho version?

  7. Brad K says:

    I dunno, you may be a bit harsh with this one. I mean, if the purpose is to have an ever-ready touch of Aqua/Teal, no matter the outfit this might be pretty handy. Plus, I imagine that in the wind the thing might hold a see-through plus in eye-catching position, with the tassels acting as ‘look at me!’ flags.

    I do agree that aqua doesn’t seem to be a good color for the lady in the ad, and I am more partial to earth tones myself. Perhaps an Autumn Gold, a Hunter Green, or a good brown color?

    Then, too, this pattern is apparently a case of Conspicuous Consumption. No matter the body shape, I can’t imagine this resisting stretching out of shape after wearing once or twice. Which would be a real waste of time, yarn, etc. unless you had someone commission you to make the poncho for a good price.

  8. Dana says:

    I actually had something like this that some relative made for me when I was little. I HATED wearing it and always looked so angry when mom put it on me!

  9. happyhooker says:

    Add a drawstring and you have a cure for rotator cuff tear. Patent it and you can make a million by selling it to orthopedic surgeons.

  10. Minky says:

    At least it looks for comfortable then the chrocheted thong I just saw…, definately a-pack-around instant fish-net

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