Loopy Bolero “Scarf”

Lionbrand really makes me scratch my head over and over…check out this latest “crochet” pattern. I don’t know how many times I have to say it but just using a crochet hook to slip stitch loops of yarn around itself is NOT a pattern!! It’s totally insulting to anyone who crochets and obviously is just a way to sell their yarn…just how *stupid* do they think crocheters are? And not to mention you have to spend over $30 US to get the required yarn for this thing. It looks like some weird yarn monster is eating her neck. Why not just unravel the yarn around your neck a few times, forget the “loops” and just say you’ve made yourself a scarf??!! It’d be simpler than buying a crochet hook to slip stich some loops that’s for sure!

Thanks to everyone who emailed this one in…quite a few to mention actually!


  1. Flooky Artist says:

    You are hysterically funny and right on the mark. The stuff here is so hideous you just have to laugh. I thought your reviews were so outrageous that I wanted to share a link to it with the members of my site. Thanks!!!

  2. HydraFemme says:

    I saw a news story the other day that says fall fashions WILL feature muted tones and conservative cuts. Okay, so this thing has about HALF of it right. . .

    Anybody care to place a bet on when somebody sues for when one of the loops gets caught on something and causes serious injury?

  3. Kat-Z says:

    Not to insult anyone here who has submitted GOOD patterns
    to Lionbrand, and had the accepted…fffffor there ARE many
    which are quite lovely!

    This disclaimer observed, may I say that I’ve long felt that
    anyone looking to be seen as a “published designer” has
    a dead lock cinch if they can find a way to utilize Lionbrand
    yarn by the truckload in ANY way, shape, or form.

    In fact, if the designer of the aforementioned couch-dress
    had only used Lionbrand yarn, I feel quite certain she’d have
    hit the big time as a designer..since it would only use approximately $5,456. in LionBrand Chunky (anything), rather than the obvious cheaper seventies colors and normal weight yarn which was all the rage at the time.

    The pictured loopy creation can be explained quite simply if
    you view it in this light.

    Waxing philosophically, thinking big bucks, and no doubt
    dodging hooks..though I mean no harm,


  4. CombatGal says:

    Rather than untangle her hopelessly tangled yarn and crochet with it, she opted to just stick it on her neck and wear it as is. Trouble is, I don’t think she’s going to be able to get it off.

  5. heather says:

    It says quantities of bolero yarn are limited until March 15…is that because it will go national on March 15 or that will be the last day to buy it? Funky wording there.

    Eh, either way it is the Ides of March and the scarf is definitely something to beware.

  6. Vashti says:

    Given 3 aspects of the design–concept, materials, proportions, I like the first 2, I just think the proportions are off. If it weren’t so big, the texture of the yarn and stitch would be easier to appreciate.

  7. Empress Baggie says:

    That’s no scarf. It’s a beard.

    Worn just under the model’s nose with dark sunglasses and a bolero hat — preferably crocheted matching yarn with the same stitch — it’s the perfect igcognito outfit.

    Very truly yours,

  8. Linda says:

    I’ve made many of these without realizing it. I will have to paw through my f_ _k it buckets for all of my frogged projects.

  9. Jillian says:

    Well, here I beg to differ, I like this! I love the colours and I think the whole effect looks lovely. Funny isn’t it, how we can differ in our opinion and tastes. I like the “look” and I would wear this and feel colourful, happy and it would fit in with my wardrobe. :-)

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